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North to Southeast Alaska

Our old friend, Roger, invited us to join him (as crew) on his first leg home from Sitka to Seattle. We did the first leg (and most scenic) from Sitka to Petersburg. He has been heading north on a boat from the Seattle area every summer since he was a little kid so he knows the area well. We flew into Sitka (arriving at 3PM), got a taxi to the harbor, jumped into the skiff, headed out to the boat, and we were on our way to Kalinin Bay on Kruzof Island for the night.  (Jim's hat says "Where's the Fish") The next morning we headed north and into the Pacific along the Khaz Peninsula, inside Klokachef Island, up around Khaz head and then various anchorages around Baranof Island, Admiralty Island and Kupreanof Island. The weather wasn't the greatest, but we did have some sunny days, mostly calm waters, lots of wildlife and good fishing and beautiful scenery:   
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Good News and a Road Trip!

Jim’s Oncology/Infusion went well. Kidney function has improved, the AFib episodes have decreased in number and intensity so he MAY not need the heart ablation surgery, and the problems with the stainless kidney stent have decreased considerably so he may not need the kidney stent replaced for several more months. Esham (his oncologist) suspects that these problems stemmed from dealing with Covid. Next appointment/infusion is July 8th. Then August 18th when he will have CT Scans and MRIs along with the infusion. We always look forward to that because every time but one there was improvement! We have been concentrating on house and garden projects and waiting for some nice weather to head out in the van. Last week we finally did more than an overnight.  We spent the first night at our daughter's. The weather was good enough to have dinner outside! It had been a LONG time since we had seen them in person. We spent the night in the van and headed out early to our next stop to visit my

Merry Christmas 2021

Well, it's been about five months since I posted here.  Jim is slowly improving and has quite a bit more energy.  He is now on a six week immunotherapy regiment with other appointments in between. We have been able to take a few overnight excursions in Billy: Lake Wenatchee with high school/college friends: Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend with Chrissy's brother  Tom and Claudette:   Clamming at Pacific Beach State Park: The inside remodeling projects are ALMOST done.  We actually had a Thanksgiving Family Gathering which we haven't done for about twelve years (when we went cruising). We are now the "old timers"! We are decorated for Christmas, gifts are wrapped, and cookies are made. This year we get to celebrate IN PERSON with the kids. All are vaccinated........ We cut down a Douglas Fir that was a volunteer in the back yard. We have watched it grow for several years. It's our "Charlie Brown" Tree:) Home Sweet Home Nice to be settled back i

Mini Cruiser Reunion........

   .....with s/v Kanga and s/v Moshulu. So much fun. Lifted our spirits. Jim and Jeanne (Kanga) drove up from their home in Livermore, CA in their new (very impressive) car and Gerry (Moshulu) drove up in his newly renovated camper van from his awesome house near Mt. Rainier. All of us have sold our boats. They spent one night at our house on Bainbridge Island where we did a lot of reminiscing, story telling, and laughing. So much fun I never took any pictures 😐 We then went to Gerry's. He lives in  community with a shared runway. He has a beautiful airplane in a hanger on his property and can taxi right to the runway. Jim's immunotherapy treatments continue. It has been a year since his official diagnosis and he is slowly improving. There have been a few hiccups but overall the results continue to be positive. Treatments will now be six weeks apart so we are hoping to do a few longer trips in "Billy".   Here are some photos of Gerry's house: