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Mini Cruiser Reunion........

   .....with s/v Kanga and s/v Moshulu. So much fun. Lifted our spirits. Jim and Jeanne (Kanga) drove up from their home in Livermore, CA in their new (very impressive) car and Gerry (Moshulu) drove up in his newly renovated camper van from his awesome house near Mt. Rainier. All of us have sold our boats. They spent one night at our house on Bainbridge Island where we did a lot of reminiscing, story telling, and laughing. So much fun I never took any pictures 😐 We then went to Gerry's. He lives in  community with a shared runway. He has a beautiful airplane in a hanger on his property and can taxi right to the runway. Jim's immunotherapy treatments continue. It has been a year since his official diagnosis and he is slowly improving. There have been a few hiccups but overall the results continue to be positive. Treatments will now be six weeks apart so we are hoping to do a few longer trips in "Billy".   Here are some photos of Gerry's house:
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It's Official: Loomba-Loomba has a new owner!

A big THANK YOU to Rich, Lori, and Alon at La Paz Cruisers Supply and Yacht Brokerage. They went above and beyond to make it happen. We will miss Loomba-Loomba, the lifestyle, our friends, and the whole cruising community. Please come and visit us up here in the PNW! Jim continues to slowly improve and that is our main focus. Our house renovation is moving along as time allows. We hope to spend more time on our land yacht "Billy" between Jim's treatments.  Who knows.......we may eventually cross paths in your neck of the woods:)

Almost Spring!

 My brother, sister-in-law, Jim and I were able to build seven new raised beds  in our vegetable garden last week. This lumber was ordered and delivered from Edensaw in Port Townsend on June 19, 2020. Shortly after that Jim was in the hospital and then starting treatments.  It's been quite the journey ever since. The immunotherapy treatments have changed his cancer diagnosis from a death sentence to learning to live with it.  We are now moved into our house (which isn't totally dialed yet) so we have a lot of projects to keep us busy. I had my second covid vaccine on March 2nd and Jim has his on March 12th so in a few weeks we will feel like we can be a little bit social again! Our daughter and son-in-law are getting their first vaccines next week (they are both teachers) so we are excited that we can see more of them and the grandchildren in the near future. Our visits with them have been outside and COLD. We're sure missing all of our friends out there............ As thin

Fall is Here!

This is the first time in eleven years we have been in the Pacific Northwest at this time of year.  It's nice to see the fall colors, but it's also cold and wet. We are having a tough time acclimating, but are keeping busy with yard and house projects in between medical appointments.  There is so much building going on that it's difficult to get electricians, plumbers, etc. to work us into their schedules.  Jim's treatment is progressing. He has his immunotherapy infusions every three weeks and kidney stent replacements will be every three months. We really like his team of doctors. The biggest downside is that he is exhausted most of the time (his body is fighting hard against this sarcoma) and he isn't supposed to lift anything over ten pounds.  Needless to say, having been a builder/carpenter, he's getting really frustrated about not being able to do the things he would be capable of doing if he were in better health. Things are slowly progressing, though, an

A New Journey........

Without beating around the bush  - Jim was diagnosed with cancer last week. After five days in the hospital getting all kinds of tests we are now home. The treatment plan is not in place yet. The treatment team includes a pathologist, oncologist, hematologist, cardiologist, thoracic surgeon, and a pulmonologist.  It's a great team and we are lucky to have them in our corner. It is just too hard to keep our friends informed individually so I have started a private FB Group for those that want to join: Jim's Storm Tactics

Back in the USA.......

We stayed at Drew's house near Apache Junction for FIVE WEEKS!  It was one of those silver linings.  Drew's office is at home, but he is usually traveling at least two weeks out of every month for work. Because of Covid19 he was home and isolating. He was getting a lot of yard projects done which we could help with and he was able to help us with some van projects. We also did most of the cooking. It was a great visit! Tosca (one of their seven rescue dogs) and Jim enjoying the view of Superstition Mountain waiting for the sunset on the new patio. While we were waiting to see how things were developing in Washington we decided to tackle the removal of the faded decals on the van: Heat gun and plastic razor blade: it wasn't fast or easy, but it worked! Before: Almost done: After we got the decals off we had a mobile repair/painter come to do some touch up. He did a great job. Prepared to go to pick up our grocery order at

The Great Escape............

The roads heading north from San Carlos to the US border were eerily quiet.  We have made it to our son’s house in Arizona. Loomba-Loomba is in storage in San Carlos and ready for hurricane season. We are so thankful that things fell into place for us to get across the border so quickly. We are, however, worried about our friends and fellow cruisers who are still in Mexico and wanting to head home to the USA and Canada. Many of the cruisers who were heading to Central America or French Polynesia did not go because of port closures so there are more boats needing marina slips or haul outs and storage spots for hurricane season. So our journey home began on March 14 when we left La Paz. Because Loomba-Loomba was for sale we hung around at Marina Palmira most of the winter. We had a great time, but marina life isn’t normally what we like. Because of the Covid19 spread we figured there wouldn’t be too many people boat shopping so we decided to head further north, spend so