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San Juanico -

where we stayed for ten days with perfect weather (cool nights, light breeze, warm days and warm water). We arrived a couple of days before the annual Shipwreck Party so there were quite a few boats in the bay already. The first night we anchored on the south side  because of the predicted south wind.

After we moved to the north side Jim went to the rescue twice. One panga had a dead battery and the other one had something wrong with the lower end of their outboard. After towing them both ashore and loaning them tools they rewarded us with a very nice Cabrilla:
We had poached fillets two nights and then some REALLY GOOD Ceviche (the farm just happened to have some tomatoes and cilantro).
The Shipwreck Party started off on the beach where everyone (campers and cruisers) crowded into the back of a truck for a ride up to the house:

The house:
View of the anchorage:
View walking down the trail back to the anchorage.....

.......and the dinghy parking lot.
 The next day there was a potluck…
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Now this is the Baja we love!

After one night in Puerto Escondido we motored across to  Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante. We lucked out and anchored in the first cove where we stayed for three days all by ourselves! Except for the dolphins:

They REALLY showed off one evening - playing and leaping out of the water:

The water was clear and warm and we did a lot of paddleboarding, and swimming.

View from the cockpit:
Great views on the hills above the anchorage:

From Danzante we moved to Bahia Marquer on Isla Carmen. The water was clear, calm, and warm (77). We did a lot of beachcombing (Jim found another paper nautilus), paddling, swimming and getting together with our three neighbors in the anchorage. This is a picture of a friend's boat at dusk with Baja in the background. Leaving Marquer heading to San Juanico:

After two days the wind was supposed to pick up  so we sailed/motor sailed to San Juanico. 

A change in the weather..................

It's been cold on Baja this year.......both water and air and the winds have been flukier than normal. It's been a very different season in every respect, but we've enjoyed ALMOST every minute of it!
From the La Paz  area we had a great sail up to San Evaristo with a south wind before the next northerly hit.  San Evaristo: It's been a couple of years since we have stopped in San Evaristo. The restaurant has continued to improve and so has the store. The only thing we don't like about it is how crowded it gets and the fact that someone usually drags anchor if there is a strong wind. This time a 60'+ boat came within a few feet of hitting our bow broadside. We woke up to the sound of someone gunning their engine and their bow thrusters. They were able to avoid us at the last minute. Too close for comfort.  The Restaurant:

  Nice moon rise over the bay:
A few days later we caught the next southerly up the San Jose Channel to San Telmo  and then back down to Los G…