Monday, February 19, 2018

Our Incredible Whale Adventure

We had a fast and comfortable sail from San Carlos 
to Puerto Escondido on Baja (one of our best).
We arrived at 11am on Sunday, grabbed a mooring ball, 
and arranged for a rental car to be delivered the next 
morning from Loreto.

Puerto Escondido:
Dago the driver of the shuttle panga is wonderful!
Lots of changes in Puerto Escondido since we were 
here last May:
New docks (for 180 boats?), new bathrooms and
showers, new store, new pizza restaurant, very friendly
and efficient staff, nice landscaping, shuttle service 
from the anchorage, and new (higher) prices!

San Ignacio:
This is the coffee shop that is open in the
San Ignacio Plaza in the morning.

Kuyima Ecotours office where we reserved our spots on the
panga. We hightly reommend them!
 Victor's Restaurant is right on the central
plaza and he has GREAT shrimp tacos
AND very fancy chair covers!

The one hour (+) drive to the laguna was paved
 except for the last six kilometers:
They DO mark the hazards!

The first peak of the laguna!
The Kuyima Ecotourism Camp.

Victor - the captain of our panga

After our day on the laguna we drove to Santa
Rosalia where we spent the night. We then drove back to 
Puerto Escondido with a stop in Loreto. 
The next day we headed south to Agua Verde.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
View from the cockpit in the work yard
We were in the work yard longer than anticipated because 
the boat next to us was grinding off black bottom
paint.We were VERY close and wind was always blowing in our direction.
(that is Loomba-Loomba's cap rail in the bottom left corner)
The elderly Mexican only worked on it for a couple 
of hours each morning so at first we would work
inside until he left and then rinse off the boat and work.
We couldn't put anything out on the deck because it would
turn gray with bottom paint dust. We finally just decided
to wait until he was done grinding so we extended our stay
at Posada de Desierto.
This is a white boat. The decks are gray because the black
bottom paint was being ground off. Every afternoon
Loomba-Loomba turned gray also.
View from our porch at Posada de Desierto.

Our porch

We joined the Women's March in San Carlos
along with some friends.

BEFORE  (damaged where we stored the car last season)
We got our car fixed and they did a really good job at the
body shop at the Chevrolet dealer in Guaymas.
We got an estimate to get it fixed at home ($1750.00)
It ended up costing $178.00 here!
We went for a lot of walks/hikes:
View of the marina. L-L is at the dock on the left.
The dry storage and work yard are in the background below
the mountains.

Steep hills, nice roads, beautiful houses with
great views.

Mistakes happen.

View of downtown San Carlos.

Read this carefully :)

View of the San Carlos anchorage
It is calm now, but it can be a real wind hole.

Nice neighborhood......The Caracol

We would not want to be the ones to park or pull out
this trailer - inches to spare between the roof fan and the balcony!

Looking back toward the head of the bay

Another view of the anchorage

A work in progress for a new town square - a new fountain,
a bandstand and many solar street lights.
We are looking forward to seeing it again in June.
Nacapule Canyon Hike
We did this hike five years ago and there was 
nothing and no one was there. Now there is a parking lot,
vendors (30P to enter) and five zip lines!
Once you get past the zip lines it is still a beautiful and peaceful place.

We had a great view of the super, blue, blood, wolf moon, and lunar
 eclipse,but you will probably have to REALLY blow up this picture to see it.
Although it was COLD and we felt "stuck" because
of the northers, we did have fun here, got more projects
done than we had planned, hit some new restaurants, 
and saw friends we wouldn't have seen. 
Now it is warmer, the winds and seas are 
calming down and we are looking forward to 
a pleasant crossing over to Baja on Saturday February 3rd.
Hasta Luego B Dock!