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Back in Mexico!

We had a fairly quick and very fun trip back to Mexico. First stop was Ashland for the night and then San Francisco for a night with Jim's brother, Dave. We then met Beth and John (Chrissy's middle/high school friend) for breakfast in Half Moon Bay on our way to Santa Cruz for a night with Joel and Judy (Jim's college roommate).
The next stop was Jake and Susy's (Chrissy's college buddy) who are camp hosting at Carpentiria State Beach.

From there we headed to Palm Springs where we had a condo for a couple of days while we regrouped and did our boat provisioning.
Next stop was Apache Junction to visit Drew and pick up some things we left there on our way home from Mexico last Spring.
We stopped at the amazing Casa Grande National Monument on our way to Tucson (our last overnight stop).
Crossing the border was uneventful and the highway to Guaymas/San Carlos has improved tremendously since our first trip down. On Sunday, January 7th we arrived at Posada del Desierto…