Saturday, February 27, 2010

Winter 2009-2010

We've spent the past four months planning, researching, getting houses ready to rent and/or sell, shopping, fixing, installing, cleaning, and getting rid of things. At this moment our plan is to rent our house in the next few months and spend our time in the tiny apartment above the garage and on Loomba-Loomba (as soon as the new heater is installed!).

Jim (and crew) will sail down to the Bay Area around the first of August. Chrissy will stay on Bainbridge helping Kelsey get ready for her wedding on August 28th. Jim and crew will return for the wedding and to take care of last minute details and then Chrissy and Jim will head to SF in September and start heading south. Our goal is to be in Puerto Vallarta by Christmas. Kelsey, RL and Drew are meeting us there for Christmas.

We will spend the rest of the winter in Mexican waters. We plan to leave Loomba-Loomba in Mexico and head home for the summer.  Beyond that we will decide as we go.

We still have MANY things to do and install on the boat. I'll try to be better about updating this blog with  our progress.