Sunday, April 19, 2015

Pyramid Cove

We are now in Pyramid Cove on Isla Danzante - all by ourselves.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Puerto Escondido Area

Since leaving Agua Verde we’ve been hanging around the islands south of Loreto and near Puerto Escondido: Monserrate, Danzante and Carmen. We move from anchorage to anchorage depending on wind direction.

Right now we are anchored in Puerto Escondido waiting out a predicted strong, but short, “norther” .There is a new little tienda here, the showers actually have hot water, and all of the washers and dryers work – amazing!

We’ll probably be heading back out to the islands tomorrow. We’re going to cruise this area a while longer and start moving north when the water starts warming up north of here.

Notice all the clouds in the pictures.  It’s been much cloudier this year and we’ve had several days of rain and a couple of thunder/lightening storms with enough rain to thoroughly wash the boat and the rigging. 

Paddling along the shores of Isla Danzante
Loomba-Loomba anchored in Honeymoon Cove - Isla Danzante
Looking west from Isla Danzante
Looking northwest from Isla Danzante
Looking north towards Isla Coronados from Isla Danzante
Paddleboards anchored in Honeymoon Cove
while we hiked up the hill
Our friends on "Three Hour Tour" joined us at
Honeymoon Cove for a few days
This 115' sailboat also showed up
Ready for a beach fire
This is the Puerto Escondido/Loreto area
Loomba-Loomba anchored at Yellowstone beach, Isla Monserrate
with Safari Endeavor (again!)

View from the cockpit - Punta Colorada, Isla Carmen
notice the jumping rays - there were so many we could hear
them slapping the water all day and night

View of Loomba-Loomba from the beach
 at Punta Colorada, Isla Carmen

Happy at the Helm - under sail
Evening view from the cockpit - Bahia Marquer, Isla Carmen
View from the beach looking north
Bahia Marquer, Isla Carmen
Puerto Escondido - morning
Puerto Escondido - evening

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back in PE

We are back in Puerto Escondido after two perfect days by ourselves in Bahia Marquer on Isla Carmen.
There's supposed to be a big northerly blow tomorrow and then calm down. We'll head back to Punta Colorada (also on Isla Carmen) if the weather cooperates. We want to stay in this area with clear warm water until the water warms up north of here.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Isla Carmen

We are anchored in Bahia Marquer on Isla Carmen. We've been moving around this area - going between anchorages on Isla Carmen, Puerto Escondido, and Candeleros - all depending on weather and wind and sea direction. The weather has been much different this season. We've had lots of clouds, quite a bit of rain (5 days since we left Maz) and two thunder/lightening storms with heavy rain - enough to thoroughly wash the boat and the rigging (a good thing). In between we've had warm, calm, sunny days with clear and warmer water than usual. All the rain is making the surrounding landscape lush and green with lots of blooming cactus and dessert plants. Another blow is predicted for Thursday so we will probably head into Puerto Escondido Wednesday afternoon.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Isla Carmen

Anchored Punta Colorada on Isla Carmen
We'll probably hang out at various anchorages on Isla Carmen for awhile

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Honeymoon Cove

Left Candeleros this afternoon (after our wifi and cell fix)and we are now anchored in Honeymoon Cove on Isla Danzante.

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Mazatlan through Agua Verde

It's sooooo nice to be out of the marina and back in Baja!
Things are a bit different this year:
The weather is cloudier and we've even had rain several times.
The water temperature is warmer earlier.
The hills are green and there are lots of flowers blooming
 - unusual for this time of year.
We've seen a lot more turtles and rays, but fewer whales and dolphins.
There seems to be a lack of reef fish - at least where we've been snorkeling.

We anchored overnight at Isla Venados just off Mazatlan
 so we could get an early morning start to head across
 the Sea of Cortez. It was quite an entertaining spot:
jet skis, party boats, paddle boarders, kayakers, etc...
It reminded us of anchoring off of Cabo!

First sunset of the 46 hour passage

Anchored at Isla San Francisco with a fleet!

Sunset at Isla San Francisco

Anchored in San Evaristo

We hiked up the arroyo behind the anchorage.
Great view of this cactus forest.
Sunrise at Puerto Los Gatos
Anchored in Agua Verde
Some local kids swam out to Loomba-Loomba to say hello
View of Agua Verde Village
We met Kayla, Mary (and Karl- not shown) when they were
camping on the beach in Agua Verde. They left Alaska
 in May and are biking all the way to Argentina.
Opening night of Brisa del Mar -
a new restaurant on the beach in Agua Verde
Brisa del Mar is a women's co-op effort in Agua Verde
Alvara and Veronica were cooking for opening night

This "Uncruise" ship now goes into Agua Verde once a week.
They do mule rides, kayaking, paddleboarding,
snorkeling, and birdwatching.
We also ran into them at Isla Monserrate after leaving Agua Verde.
Apparently their season in Baja ends next week when their ships
start heading up to Alaska.
The guests from the cruise ship heading up the hill on a mule ride
It was the beginning of Semana Santa (Easter Week) when
 we arrived in Agua Verde. It is a huge holiday in Mexico. 
People flock to all the beaches that can be reached by
a road.  It was fun seeing all the people arrive and
the huge extended families setting up camp.
This is the view from our cockpit the morning we left Agua Verde
We are now in Candeleros (after a stop at Yellowstone Beach 
on Isla Monserrate).