Monday, September 30, 2013

Summer in the PNW

I'm writing this after a week of rain which culminated in a big wind storm that left us without power for 16 hours. This was a very early "weather event" - more like mid-winter, not late September!  
We spent a lot of time catching up with family and friends (great fun) and more time than we wanted to taking care of issues with our rentals (not fun, but necessary).
It's now getting close to departure time and we still have loose ends to take care of. 
We don't have an exact date yet - about another week or so.
We're looking forward to the warmth and the sun, but will miss our family and friends.
It's getting much harder to keep a foot in two different worlds. 

We bought a "new" used dinghy to take back to the boat.
Launched it for a trial run at our little yacht club in Port Madison.

View of Port Madison (our home port on Bainbridge Island)
from the public park.

We visited our friends in Wenatchee and kayaked
 on the Columbia River.
Maggie, Roy and Bailey

View of the Columbia looking toward Vantage, WA
Hike to Wallace Falls with Kelsey and Barlow.

Wallace Falls

A short camping/hiking trip to Mount Rainier

Barlow retrieving his stick at the beach at the bottom
 of the Fairy Del Trail near our house on Bainbridge.

An afternoon in Quilcene, WA
at Moonfest to see the True Spokes play.

The True Spokes (one of the bands RL plays in)

The loud music didn't bother Barlow

A baby shower for Kelsey (w/friends Susy and Maggie)