Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas in Banderas Bay

We arrived in the Paradise Village Marina on December 18th 
and had a couple of days to regroup before heading
 to the condo in Puerto Vallarta........on Simon's second birthday.

Drew arrived right after us and Kelsey, RL and Simon
arrived a couple of hours later. We were prepared 
with cake, balloons, and gifts. We also brought a small
Christmas tree and decorations and Drew brought lots of 
lights, Christmas music and Christmas movies. It was very festive.
After a day at the condo the weather looked
perfect for a day on Loomba-Loomba in Banderas Bay.
Jim and I got up early and took a cab to Paradise Village.
We dropped the hook off the beach in front of the condo and 
did "surf landings" to go pick up everyone. 
Two trips without incident!

Loomba-Loomba anchored in front of the condo

We did a little sailing, cruised the shore, saw some
dolphins and swam - good day out on the bay!

Back at the condo we had lots of beach time:

The staff had a pinata party for the little ones.
Simon was the smallest. After watching everyone
for awhile he finally took the stick and hit Santa 
a few times. A very confusing tradition:)

We went to "Old Town" for dinner one night:

We had lots of pool time:

Cruised the estuary in Paradise Village by dinghy to see 
all the VERY large iquanas:

and we went to "Old Town" for breakfast and
 a walk along the malecon:

Everyone had a great time and it was hard to say

We are now in La Cruz and will be heading south in a few days.