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Christmas in Banderas Bay

We arrived in the Paradise Village Marina on December 18th  and had a couple of days to regroup before heading  to the condo in Puerto Vallarta........on Simon's second birthday.
Drew arrived right after us and Kelsey, RL and Simon arrived a couple of hours later. We were prepared  with cake, balloons, and gifts. We also brought a small Christmas tree and decorations and Drew brought lots of  lights, Christmas music and Christmas movies. It was very festive. After a day at the condo the weather looked perfect for a day on Loomba-Loomba in Banderas Bay. Jim and I got up early and took a cab to Paradise Village. We dropped the hook off the beach in front of the condo and  did "surf landings" to go pick up everyone.  Two trips without incident!

We did a little sailing, cruised the shore, saw some dolphins and swam - good day out on the bay!

Back at the condo we had lots of beach time:

The staff had a pinata party for the little ones. Simon was the smallest. After watching …