Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A slow trip home to Bainbridge

We left San Carlos on June 25th.
The first stop was Tucson where the highlight this time
was the Pima County Air and Flight Museum.
It was way too hot to do any outdoor activities!
Tom Cruise's jet in Top Gun.
The beginning of Northwest Airlines
Next stop was a pre-arranged condo in Palm Springs. It was way too hot 
to do anything outside, but it was a good place to "re-group",
and close enough for Drew to come for a couple of visits 
and for us to go visit Drew
The hottest day...........
We DID have a successful hat shopping day.
This is the new American Apparel Distribution Center
 that has been Drew's project for the last two years.  
It's pretty amazing considering it started with a big empty warehouse.

Next stop was Santa Cruz for Joel (Jim's college roommate)
 and Judy's retirement party.
The morning after.............
Then a lunch stop in Half Moon Bay on our way to San Francisco.

We spent three nights with Jim's brother, Dave, in San Francisco.
One day we did a little hiking in The Presidio:

 We also did a hike in Glenn Canyon Park behind Dave's house
 and Chrissy's friends John and Bethie came to visit us there.

 Then on to Eugene to visit Chrissy's sister, Gretchen.
Gretchen has a glass studio and she helped us make
 a new tile for the front of our diesel stove.
Gretchen has a sweet new dog named Toolah.
This is our tile before it was put in the kiln. We left before it was done
 so we haven't seen the finished product yet.
We arrived home on July 12th.