Monday, February 27, 2012

La Cruz through Santiago

On 2/25 we arrived in Barra de Navidad.

After being in the PV area since 12/20/11 we finally headed south on February 2nd.  We love the Banderas Bay area and especially La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, but we were ready for more remote, less populated areas, no schedule, and warmer water.

It was great to be back out and moving again.  Lots of dolphins, turtles, and whales along the way.  We tried fishing, but the only thing we were catching were skip jacks and jack crevalles (toros) which are not good eating so we quit putting the line out.

This year the weather has been much cloudier than last year (we’ve even had several days of rain), but the water has been about three degrees warmer (76 in Tenacatita – last year it was 72). There have also been fewer cruising boats in the anchorages, which is nice.

It’s been great going places we’ve been before – it reduces the anxiety level when you know what to expect. We’re more relaxed and doing it all at a slower pace. After getting to Chemala most of the anchorages are less than 30 miles from each other (some not more than 6).

We stopped in Bahia Chemala for a few days  and anchored off of the little town of Perula:
Chemela is one of our favorite walking beaches - it goes for miles.
Great sailing from Chemela to Tenacatita
Then a week in Tenacatita:
Another great beach, good snorkeling, no town, but a palapa restaurant
on the beach where the cruisers gather in the afternoon while
 recovering from volley ball and bocce ball games on the beach.

First time we blew up our new kayaks.

Cruiser gathering at the palapa restaurant in Tenacatita.

A cruise up the estuary in Tenacatita.

Then to Las Hadas in Bahia Manzanillo for several days (our furthest point south):

Anchored off of Las Hadas - an amazing place out of the past.
While in Las Hadas we hired a van with some other cruisers and did an inland trip to Colima, to the coffee farms up by the Volcano, the Aztec ruins (uncovered only 18 years ago), and the town of Colima.

Volcan Colima
The coffee farmers selling their beans.
Drying the coffee beans
Downtown Colima - a nice colonial town
 with lots of history.

Governer's Palace. Colima is the capitol of the state of Colima.
Colima Central Plaza.
Aztec ruins uncovered just 18 years ago.

From Las Hadas we started heading north – 1st stop was just around the corner in Santiago Bay (arrival 2/20):
The Santiago Saturday Market. 
Most towns have one day that is market day. 
They all have similar stuff. 
Santiago's is one of the biggest markets in the 
smaller towns.

Stopping for a shrimp taco before heading back to the boats.
Fish Market in Santiago. Notice the posters in the background.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Wedding and Guadalajara

On Friday, Jan 20th we headed for San Blas by bus and arrived at Casa Roxanna in the afternoon.
Kent and Luis own Casa Roxanna and are high school friends of Kathy and Mike and have become good friends of Tom and Claudette.
Transporting Decorations
We walked to San Blas' central plaza for the "rehersal dinner".
Rehersal  dinner at Tacos de Paradillo
right on the sidewalk across from the plaza
Saturday morning we helped Kathy and Luis decorate.
They did a great job coordinating everything.
The ceremony took place at 1:00 up by the pool.
The Groom and the Officiant.
This local band played the music for the ceremony and the party after.

Ines and Maria prepared all the food
for the fabulous shrimp lunch.

The newlyweds.

The girls: Kathy, Claudette,  & Chrissy

The guys: Kent, Tom, Mike, Jim & Luis


The morning after the wedding Jim and I hopped on a bus for Guadalajara. The rest of the wedding crew joined us a couple of days later. It was great to have Kent and Luis' recommendations because they've been there many times. 
We stayed at the Hotel San Francisco Plaza.

Lobby and Courtyard

Guadalajara is a beautiful city..................

This band was playing off of the central plaza. 
All homemade instruments with buckets, plastic pipes
and plastic glasses.

With public art everywhere..................

We went out to Tlaquepaque and Tonala 
which are just outside of Guadalajara. Everyone had
a great time shopping and we had a great lunch with a female mariachi band playing

It was a great couple of weeks.
We are now back in La Cruz and will be heading south tonight or tomorrow.