Monday, December 11, 2017

Merry Christmas..............

To all of our cruising friends – we are still in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve been enjoying the kids, grandkids and the beautiful fall colors that we’ve missed for the past seven years and we are looking forward to our family Christmas. 

We’ll be arriving in San Carlos around January 6th.  Once we splash and get Loomba-Loomba put back together we will head across to Baja for a bit before crossing back to Mazatlan and then south from there. Hopefully our paths will cross somewhere during this cruising season.

To all of our PNW friends.  It is always great to re-connect with you. We wish we had more time to re-connect with all of you every summer, but the summers just whiz by – especially now that we have two grandchildren.  We do think of all of you often.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Where did summer and fall go?

It is now November 12, 2017 and a lot has happened since our last blog
 post on June 9.  The major event was the birth of our granddaughter,
 Lily, on July 29th. After Lily was born we decided to stay home until
after Christmas so we would have a bit more bonding time
 with both Lily and Simon.

We also sold our last rental house in Wenatchee and bought a used
Sprinter camper van. It's been great fun.
We've done several trips in it and we are loving it!

First outing: Yelvick's on Hood Canal with Tom and Claudette.

Then camping with the kids at Cottonwood Campground
 on the Entiat River in Eastern Washington. They rented
the Forest Service Cabin and we had the Sprinter:

The next camping adventure was to the Oregon Coast
and the Cruiser's Campout near Florence.
We spent two nights at the Cape Lookout
Campground on the way to Florence:
Our campsite at Cape Lookout CG

Nice hike out to the end of Cape Lookout
The Cruiser's Campout was very fun. It's for past
and current cruisers who have some connection to
Puerto Escondido. We knew many, but not all. This was
the second or third year, but our first. It was
very well organized with lots of fun events, but
not TOO structured (which wouldn't fly with
most cruisers!).
Nightly bonfires at Sutton Campground

In October we did a six day Olympic Peninsula Loop Trip:
Starting from Bainbridge Island the weather was so good
 and the air so clear we decided to head up to 
Hurricane Ridge for a short hike and to check out the view.
We could see Victoria looking north! 
It was so refreshing after such a smokey summer.
Not much snow on the Olympics at this point.
 The second stop was to see the Elwah River after the
successful removal of the dam and the restoration

  We then met Tom and Claudette at the Salt Creek
Campground on the Straits of Juan de Fuca:

 Heading to Sol Duc the next morning we stopped
in Joyce to hit the store and have breakfast
at the Blackberry Cafe.

It was a beautiful drive up the Sol Duc River
to get to the Campground. The fall colors
were spectacular - something we have missed
since we left for Mexico in 2010.

It rained at Sol Duc so we made an early get away
to the coast.
Breakfast at Rialto Beach.

A visit to La Push.
Tom and Claudette left to head home and we
camped at Mora Campground on the Quillayute River.
The next day we headed up the Hoh River

 and found this great campsite.
The weather was cold and clear-
exceptional for this area.

It's fairly unusual to have a sunny day in the rain forests
of the Olympic Peninsula. We really lucked out.

We stopped at Ruby Beach for a walk on the beach.
We got a great campsite at Kalaloch right on the ocean.
 It started raining the next day and we headed
home with a stop at the Lake Quinault Lodge.
Lake Quinault Lodge 
Besides our time camping we've used the Sprinter
for our second bedroom and bathroom on our property
on Bainbridge and also at the kids house when they've
 had a full house.
Shrimp feed on Billings' dock in Port Madison.
Joel and Judy from Santa Cruz came for a visit.
They've known Jim longer than I have!

Our Canadian cruising friends Bob and Giselle. They've also known
Jim longer than I have!
Dinner cruise over to Miller Bay on Tom and Claudette's Panga

Ready for the eclipse at the kids house in Auburn.
A three day trip to an Ocean Shores condo to 
storm watch with the kids:

Halloween in Auburn:

Now we are looking forward to Thanksgiving
and Christmas before driving south to
San Carlos, Sonora,
Mexico on December 28th with Jim's new
Paddle/Surf Board lashed to the roof:

Friday, June 9, 2017

Back in the USA

We arrived at Drew's house on June 8th - after one of the 
quickest (10 hours) trips from San Carlos that we've had. 
There wasn't quite as much road construction on the 
Mexican side and the border crossing was a breeze.

Besides going out to meals 
(there's always a new restaurant or two to try) 
we didn't do much in San Carlos except work to get 
Loomba-Loomba ready to haul out and store for 
hurricane season.

Taking down the running backs, etc.
Looking south from the top of the mast-the Marina office is to
the left. Marinaterra hotel is in the distance.
Looking north into Bahia San Carlos from the top of the mast

L-L getting hauled out on the hydraulic trailer

On her way to the work yard

A well deserved Indio in a frosted mug
after the last day in the boat yard getting L-L
buttoned up for the summer.
 It was HOT in the cement work yard!
We stayed here for the last two nights L-L was in
the marina because our bed is where we store all of
the sails, halyards, fenders, etc...

Posada del Desierto

We discovered this little hotel up behind the marina. Some neighbors
at the dock recommended it. Our room was the one on the right.
It's walking distance to the boat, clean, small kitchen, warm water,
comfortable bed, and somewhat "iffy" wifi. A very nice family

runs it. 

It's been here a long time. Notice the Public
Telephone sign.

Sunrise view from our porch at Posada del Desierto
We are now at Drew's new house in Apache Junction, AZ
taking care of his menagarie (four dogs, two cats, two birds,
and the gardens) while he and Brad are in Ireland.