Monday, July 19, 2010

Back in Port Madison

We got back to Pt. Madison on 6/15. See side bar if you want to know what we did in PT. We continue to work towards leaving the dock on 7/27. Some things won't get done until we are in San Francisco or Mexico, but we are leaving Port Madison on 7/27. Tom and Charlie will meet us in Neah Bay on 8/1. Chrissy will head back to Bainbridge and Jim, Tom and Charlie will head down the coast to SF - buddy-boating with Joe Upton and Mike Jackson on Anna. They will drive back to Bainbridge in plenty of time for Kelsey and RL's wedding. After the wedding we will head back down to S.F. and be on our way to Mexico.
New Radar Tower and Outboard Hoist

New Cape Horn Wind Steering Vane

New Electronics