Saturday, July 7, 2012

Home on Bainbridge

We are now home on Bainbridge. We had big plans to hit the
National Parks and do a leisurely camping trip home,
but once we were heading for the barn we just wanted to get there.
Besides, it was just too hot to enjoy camping/hiking.
So we had a night each in Tucson, LA, SF, and Eugene
with quick visits with family at each stop (except Tucson).
After being in San Carlos/Guaymas working on the boat
in the heat and humidity it was a pleasure to get to the GREEN,
snowy mountain landscape and the cool, fresh, clear air
 of the good old Pacific Northwest!

We arrived in San Carlos, just north of Guaymas, on May 23rd.
We stayed at Marina Real for one month while we got
Loomba-Loomba ready for haul out and painting.
Two of those weeks were spent traveling to Baja to get the car
 and visiting the Copper Canyon on the way back.
The last week we were there we rented a small condo
because it was so hot and there was no place to sleep on Loomba-Loomba
 - our bed is now for sail storage.
View from the cockpit at the dock in Marina Real in San Carlos.

Chrissy taking down the running backs and the radar reflector.
JJ's Chile Relleno taco.
This is JJ who owns JJ's Resaurant.
Mike who owns "The Captains Club" serves a great wood-fired pizza.

One of the main reasons we decided to haul out in San Carlos
 is because Loomba-Loomba needs her deck and cabin painted
 and several people recommended painters in the San Carlos/Guaymas area.
We decided on Domingo and had to move to the dry storage yard
 in Guaymas in order for him to paint.
He will do the prep work over the summer and
hopefully be ready to paint when we arrive with the paint in October.

The shrimp boat graveyard next to Marina Seca Guaymas.

Getting hauled out in Guaymas at Marina Seca.

Domingo is our man.
He's prepping Loomba-Loomba's deck and cabin this summer
and painting in October.
View from the cockpit in Marina Seca Guaymas.
We left Guaymas on June 26th.
Waiting at the border in Nogales.

Back in the USA!
We arrived home on Bainbridge on June 29th.