Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cabo to PV

We left Cabo at sunrise on 12/10/10  buddy boating with Anna and Journey.
Headed for Isla Isabela which was a two night overnight passage.
We had beautiful sunsets, 
sunrises, beautiful night skies, and lots of sea life.

Only 100 miles to go! 

Isla Isabela is a National Park known as the “Galapagos of Mexico”.  The Blue footed boobie, frigate bird and iquana populations are truly amazing. Great snorkeling, too.
Still active fish camp which was the best dinghy landing.
Blue footed booby - there were thousands. 
Many of the females were sitting on eggs in the sand.  Males were either  guarding the female on the nest or doing their mating dance which consists of picking their feet way up off the ground.

There were even more frigate birds than boobies.
The males  are the ones with the red sacks.  Females were sitting on nests. 
Loomba-Loomba anchored off of Las Monas at Isla Isabella
Loomba-Loomba and Journey are visible behind Jim.

Next stop San Blas (Mantenchen Bay). Arrived in time to go ashore for happy hour in a palapa on the beach…………NOW it seems like Mexico! 
Jeff & Dori from Journey and Joe and MaryLou from Anna
Main street in Mantenchen Bay -
banana bread is sold everywhere and it's really good.
We took the jungle cruise early the next morning. It was well worth the time and effort.
Our guide was great.
We were the first boat of the morning.
Big croc!
Lots of different kinds of birds and lots of iguanas.
A clear spring at the end of the ride up the river.
Chacala was next. Perfect little town and beach.
Chacala -view from the cockpit.
The landing beach for the dinghies is at the bottom of this street.
Journey, Anna & Loomba-Loomba anchored in Chacala.

We stopped and anchored out overnight in La Cruz before heading to PV. Arrived at the Paradise Village Marina in Nuevo Vallarta the morning of 12/19. We are leaving Loomba-Loomba in the Marina while we stay at a condo in PV over Christmas and New Years.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ensenada to Cabo

We actually had fun in Ensenada while we were waiting for our boat documentation to arrive via UPS overnight. It arrived Friday afternoon and we cleared customs at 4:30 that day. Saturday was pouring down rain so we didn’t leave Ensenada until Sunday, Nov. 21 at noon.  
WSF Ferry parked in Ensenada Bay
Seas were VERY sloppy and there was a downpour right after we left the harbor.  It eventually stopped raining, but the seas remained sloppy and it was a very uncomfortable and cold overnight to Punta Baja where we arrived on Monday, Nov. 22 at 10:30am.
Heading into Punta Baja
We left Punta Baja 11/23 at 9am. We had great sailing and sunny skies for the first half of the day and then another very uncomfortable night with sloppy and confused seas  and fairly steady 20-25 knot winds.

We arrived in Turtle Bay at 11:30 on 11/24. We’ve been traveling with Jeff and Dori on “Journey” from Ventura who have done this leg twice before – a real bonus for us!

Thanksgiving in Turtle Bay with the Journey Crew
Wind blew hard all night and then the next day changed direction and increased to 30 knots blowing offshore and bringing a dust storm with it. By the afternoon Loomba-Loomba was covered in mud from the salt spray and dust storm!
Beginning of dust storm
This is what might have happened to the boat if we had stayed in Turtle Bay any longer!
Main street in Turtle Bay
View from the deck of Enrique’s cafĂ© where we had a beer with several other cruisers we met in Ensenada.
Leaving Turtle Bay
We left Turtle Bay 7am 11/27 and had a pleasent day sailing/motor sailing.
We have had dolphins swim with us almost every day and it's always a thrill!
The first clip shows the dolphins racing over to swim with us. The second clip is the dolphins playing at our bow.

Arrived in Asuncion at 5PM 11/27/10.
View of Asuncion from the cockpit at anchor
We spent the next day wandering around town, stocking up on some fresh produce,
and eating shrimp tacos.
the main street looking south
the main street looking north

Ramon's taco stand THE BEST shrimp tacos we'll ever have!!!!!!
Left Asuncion 7am 11/29 heading to Abreojos. Beautiful sunrise, light wind and COLD – 54 down below in the morning! We’re still wearing long johns, warm jackets, fleece hats and gloves a good portion of the day!

Great sailing all the way to Abreojos, but as we headed in, the wind started picking up (into the 30’s) and changing to an offshore wind………blowing another dust storm our way. We decided to head to Bahia Santa Maria and had an absolutely horrible night of big and confused seas and sustained 30 – 40 knot winds. By morning the wind had calmed down to 20-25.  When we could see the mainsail we realized that the top 5 sail slides were broken so we had to take the mainsail down and motor sail with the jib. Arrived in Bahia Santa Maria at 5PM 11/30 totally exhausted.
Heading into Bahia Santa Maria
Anchored in Bahia Santa Maria
Our first dinghy landing through surf!
We traded some lobster fishermen 4 "D" batteries for 3 lobsters.
Hiked up over the ridge to look out over the Pacific.
There was actually growth on the hills - even flowers!

We left Bahia Santa Maria on Sunday 12/5 at 6:45am. Greeted by a show from some humpback whales and then by a huge pod of dolphins who swam with us for a long time. Later in the day a lonely sea turtle drifted by.  Motor sailed almost all day with fairly calm seas and light wind behind us. Beautiful sunset and sunrise.

Arrived in Cabo San Lucas 12/7 at 2PM.