Tuesday, October 25, 2016

No Hurricane Damage!

We arrived in San Carlos on Sunday, October 23rd and Loomba-Loomba was moved into the work yard on Monday - dirty, but in good shape. The bilge was dry and it didn't look like there were any leaks. It's now Tuesday evening and Loomba-Loomba has been cleaned up, most of the carload of stuff we brought down has been unloaded and put away, the bottom is half painted (will be finished tomorrow), and the prop/shaft has been cleaned up. Tomorrow we'll finish up everything else that needs to be done before our 7am splash on Thursday. The rest will be done at the dock.
We are hoping we will be on our way in a week or so. There is still LOTS to do.
 Loomba-Loomba (still in the storage yard)

The entire boat was covered in fine dirt.
Lots of putting away and re-installing to do, and we hadn't even
unloaded the car yet!

This is our bed (we are staying in a little hotel)
There was some damage, but not from Hurricane Newton. 
When we took the window covers off we discovered 
that one of the big forward facing windows was
cracked. Probably from the boat twisting when
she was put on or taken off the trailer.  Bummer!

We had a really fun trip down to San Carlos
visiting family and good friends all along
the way. We drove straight down I-5 from Seattle
to Grants Pass and then took the scenic route over to
Crescent City and Redwood National Park. We 
followed Hwy. 1 to San Francisco and then to Santa
Cruz, took a short cut to Oxnard, cut over to Santa
Ana and then to Palm Springs where we stayed for awhile
getting some car repairs done and doing our 
provisioning shop.