Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Agua Verde

Arrived in Agua Verde this morning. There's a village with a little tienda so we can get some produce, goat cheese, fresh tortillas - and we can catch fish. What more do we need?????
Weather is perfect. Water temp is 75 and warming up. Time to blow up the Stand Up Paddleboards and stay awhile.
Would love to get an email to: WDF5255@sailmail.com
Text only and please don't hit reply - start a brand new email thread each time Thanks!
Jim and Chrissy

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Puerto Los Gatos

Arrived here in Los Gatos yesterday after two nights in San Evaristo.
It rained/thunder in Evaristo. We have a clean boat again:)
Now we have clear skies, warm air, and water is warming up: 75 today.
Position: 25degrees18.16minutes N by 110degrees 56.73minutes W
May head north (18 miles) to Agua Verde tomorrow??????????

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Isla San Francisco

Left Isla Venados (Mazatlan) 6:15 AM on Sunday 3/15
Arrived Isla San Francisco (Baja) 4:20 AM on Tuesday 3/17
Happy St. Patricks Day!
Good 46 hour crossing. Sailed a lot of the time except when the wind died a few times. Flat, comfortable seas.

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Left Marina

We didn't leave Marina Mazatlan as planned on Thursday due to thunder,lightening,and squalls right around Maz. Left this afternoon and we are anchored at one of the little islands just off of Mazatlan. (Sort of reminds us of Cabo). Lots of sunset cruises, music, jet skis, banana boats, party boats,parasailers, etc.. The dark clouds are moving north and we're supposed to have SSE/ winds for the next two days - perfect. We are planning to leave for Baja (Isla San Francisco?)at first light tomorrow.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Remote blog post

Testing remote blog post. Hoping we can post to blogspot (text only) from sailmail.

Christine Hodges
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Impending Departure: Time to Stock Up

Our neighbor on the dock is a Kiwi who lives in 
Mexico and he has a sport fishing boat. He and 
friends go out fishing for BIG fish and are quite 
successful. This piece came from a 

We ate half - delicious,
and froze half.

After we got back from Durango we headed 
to the Sunday market in Juarez to stock up 
on produce. It’s quite an experience to go to 
the Sunday markets in the outlying areas.

Yes....we bought a donut..........
and produce and eggs..........
but we didn't buy a piece of cake or pie

On Tuesday afternoon we rented a car for a day and 
took our propane bottles to get filled and stock up 
on the rest of our groceries and supplies. The next 
morning we decided to drive up to Copala.  It is a small 
colonial town on the old Hwy. 40. People used to have 
to drive from Mazatlan to Durango on this road. 
It was very well maintained, but very curvy. 
The drive to Copala took an hour or so 
and it’s not that far from Mazatlan.  I’m glad we 
didn’t have to drive all the way to Durango on it!

Copala is known for both their coconut banana cream pie
 and a shop that makes wonderful leather masks.
The public transportation in Copala and a mural in the Central Plaza
The Central Plaza

Colorful buildings all around town

Alejandro's restaurant. 
The coconut banana cream pie was delicious,
not to mention the chicken fajitas with homemade tortillas
Not only does Alejandro own the only restaurant
 in town, but he also makes the leather masks.
There used to be two other 
restaurants that catered to tourists, 
but when the cruise ships quit going to 
Mazatlan five years ago the other 
restaurants couldn't make it.

This is Alejandro. He makes the masks.

Jim picked out this one

Monday, March 9, 2015

Durango, Durango, Mexico

Our very comfortable bus for the
trip from Mazatlan to Durango
The new highway 40 was completed two years ago. 
There are 115 bridges and 63 tunnels. It took five years
to complete and it cut 5 hours(by car) off of the trip 
between the two cities.

It was a beautiful trip through the Sierra Madres.
This bridge is 4,101' long 1321' high (river to bridge deck) - the highest in the world.

There are 115 bridges and 63 tunnels.

View from our room

Avenida Constitucion 
Constitucion is a seven block long pedestrian
 only street in the heart of the city.
It is lined with sculptures and stars (like Hollywood)
of actors who have been in movies filmed in the Durango area.

Durango is a colonial town with a huge mining history
and is filled with colonial buildings. 

Even McDonald's is in an old palace.

This is Wallenders Deli - very trendy!

There are many beautiful old churches.
This is the Cathedral on the Central Plaza.

Beautiful murals fill the walls in all the old 
government buildings and museums.

We went on a mine tour.

We rode the gandola up to the top of a hill for a view. 

Spotted around the city:

Grandpa and his four grandsons

We are now back in Mazatlan getting ready
 to head to Baja as soon as there
 is a good weather window.