Saturday, October 22, 2011

Los Angeles to Puerto Escondido, BCS, Mexico

We had a good trip down Baja. The roads were better than we expected. There were several areas of construction that were terrible and about 75% of the roads had no shoulder (they were two lane narrow roads) which made it difficult when semi-trucks passed going the other way (which was frequently), but  all in all Baja is doing a good job keeping Highway 1 in pretty good shape. What was a little disconcerting was all the shrines by the side of the road. It seemed like there was one every 3 to 5 miles.  In the really bad, high curves there were two or three.
We left Longbeach at 4:00AM on 10/17 and arrived in Catavina about 3PM. Catavinia is about 1/3 of the way down Baja and about half-way between the Pacific and The Sea of Cortez. It's in the middle of a National Desert Park and it was beautiful.
Driving towards Catavina.
Our Hotel in Catavina - it was great to go for a swim.
Sunrise as we left Catavina.

A fog bank rolling in as we approach Guerrero Negro (on the Pacific side)

Heading into Baja California Sur - the state line is just before Guerrero Negro.
 This is also where the time changes to Mountain Time.

Lunch stop in Guerrero Negro - Great Carnitas!

One of about six military checkpoints along the way. Sometimes
they searched and sometimes they just asked us some questions.
 I don't think we fit the profile for gunrunners!
The next stop was San Ignacio. An Oasis in the middle of the desert.
This is a restored mission which was started in 1728 and completed in 1786.
It was beautifully restored in 1976.

San Ignacio town square.

One of the bad sections of road which is being rebuilt.

It got worse - still under construction.
Then it got better.
This took the prize for the most overloaded vehicle.
Two of the many shrines along the side of the road.

Heading toward Santa Rosalia on the Sea of Cortez.

A long and winding road.

First view of the Sea of Cortez.

Back in Santa Rosalia where we spent about ten days last year.
We stopped to visit with our friends at the marina and
we were going to have a shrimp taco at our favorite taco stand,
 but it wasn't there anymore!
We decided to stop in Mulege for the night so we would get to 
Puerto Escondido in the morning instead of in the dark.
Dinner at Las Casitas. It is still the "off season" (and early) so we had the place to ourselves.

 We got up early, stopped in Loreto for breakfast, and headed for P.E.
Finally off of Highway 1, we headed into PE at 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 19.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Road Trip Down the Coast to L.A.

We left Bainbridge on October 4th. Our first stop was Eugene to visit Chrissy's sister, Gretchen.
Gretchen at her glass studio "The Glassfuser".

She teaches glass fusing and the students make their own glass projects.
Jim and I made a plate together.
Next stop was Palo Alto to visit Bethie and John (Chrissy's friend from Junior High).
The Steve Jobs memorial at the Palo Alto Apple Store.
(Bethie and Kaleo in the background)

John and Bethie

We helped Bethie and John pick out new fruit trees  for their back yard.
Next stop was San Francisco to visit Jim's brother, Dave.
Dave made us fish tacos.
Then to Santa Cruz to visit Joel (Jim's college roommate).
Joel and Jim
Next stop Long Beach for a short visit with Drew.
Drew gave us a tour of American Apparel.

One of the storage warehouses at American Apparel.
Kate, Jane and Drew at the dog beach.
The pumpkin patch in Belmont Shore
Kate and Jane

Planning the driving trip down Baja.
Wish we had more time to visit more friends in the LA area, but we are heading across the border tomorrow. Our goal is to get Loomba-Loomba back in the water and ready to start cruising the Sea of Cortez by November 1.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Been A Great Summer-Heading South 10/4/11

We are packed and ready to head down the coast again - this time on land! We'll be visiting friends and family along the way and will arrive back in Puerto Escondido around mid-October.

We've had a great summer. Did quite a bit of work on the rental houses, had lots of dinners and visits with friends and family, some camping and hiking, shopping for boat supplies, and a boat trip. 
Ready for the 4th of July crowd at Tom's (Chrissy's brother).

Our Laurelwood house - now rented after some extensive clean up.

Driving up Vancouver Island.

On our trip south from Campbell River on Anna Crewe.
Testing out our new inflatable kayaks in Gorge Harbor on Cortes Island.

Learning Bocce Ball at the Big Red Ranch.

A sunny day on the Wenatchee River with Roy and Maggie Chapple.
Drew and Brad came up for a visit and we had a family gathering at Tom's.

Lake Cushman on the way to Staircase in Olympic National Park
Camping at Staircase Campground with Kelsey and RL.

One weekend we went to the La Connor Music and Art Festival and then to
The Annacortes Brewery
 for dinner with Kelsey and RL 

Another visit to the Big Red Ranch - taking the pigmy goats for a walk with Bailey.

A visit to Cashmere and the new distillery.