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The town of silver and volkswagons..... We had both been here (separately) about 50 years ago. it has not changed much. We DID buy some silver jewelry, but  there is soooo much that it's a bit overwhelming.

Taxco is a beautiful city with steep and narrow cobblestone streets.

The day we left we took a taxi to the bus station to wait for our bus to Mexico City. It was Ash Wednesday and there was this never ending parade of trucks full of people all being bombarded with water balloons. The bus couldn't make it to the station so we had to take a very crowded collectivo up to Hotel Misión where the bus was waiting for us. There is never a dull moment when traveling in Mexico.
We are leaving Mazatlán tomorrow 4/23/18 to head
back over to Baja.


We were both in Mexico City (separately) about  fifty years ago. There was more air pollution then, but it was less crowded. The subway had just been started  and the Templo Mayor had not yet been discovered.  It is an amazing city with so much history and so much art!

Just a few of the artifacts at the Anthropology Museum:

You really need to spend most of a day here. (FYI: there is a very good and reasonable restaurant at the museum)
There are murals in most of the public buildings in Mexico City. Diego Rivera was our favorite and also the most prolific: Mexico City takes "Street Art" to a new level:

There are parks and monuments everywhere:

2018 Inland Trip: Oaxaca, Mexico City and Taxco

This blog post will be a three installment post. Our camera was stolen on our second day in Oaxaca so we lost a lot of pictures. The pictures we have of Oaxaca were taken with our wide angle video camera and the ipad. We will update when we get some pictures from Claudette. We bought an Android phone and were able to use that for Mexico City and Taxco.
Oaxaca City: We met Tom and Claudette here. Breakfast at our hotel with Tom and Claudette.
Downtown Oaxaca City:

Two days in the Oaxacan Valley: The first day we went on our own by bus and collectivo taxi to Teotitlán......where most of the well known Oaxacan rug weavers are. We bought one rug, but decided we wanted to go back again (with more money:). On the way back, on a standing room only bus, my purse was slashed and my phone was stolen.  Nothing else  was missing and I was totally unaware that it happened until I was able to sit down and saw my purse. 

The next day we hired a van to take us back out to the Valley:
El Tule: named a…