Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Puerto Escondido

Loomba-Loomba was dirty, but in good shape. A couple of the windows have
 new cracks, and some of the joinery has separated a bit, but we were
 pleased that there was not more damage from the heat and wind.
This WAS a yellow rubber glove in a tub under the galley sink.
The heat in the boat over the summer melted it into a big glob.

Jim cut two new inspection ports in the port side water tank
 so it is now easier to clean.
If it got too hot we went up to the roof-top pool for a dip.
The boat yard is in the background. One of the masts is Loomba-Loomba's.
Puerto Escondido has gone through several tries at development. The latest was by the Mexican Government, but now they have it up for sale.
Mothballed trucks, boat stands and buildings
behind the boat yard and marina.
Manuel - one of the guards.
Loomba-Loomba sitting on the hard.
View from the cockpit.
Sunday market in Loreto.

Lunch in Loreto with Gerry from Moshulu.
Pedestrian only shopping area in Loreto. Not too busy yet.

The bottom is painted, the boot stripe is painted
and the hull is being polished.
There has been virtually no rain in the Loreto/Puerto Escondido area all summer long. It is VERY dry and the bees are really thirsty. Any time there is fresh water they find it. 
This is where the boat yard hose bib is.

A few things left to do in the morning, but basically ready to splash so we went to a Halloween party at the restaurant here in the marina.

Jim painting the last couple of spots on the bottom of the keel
 while  Loomba-Loomba is in the slings.
The crew waiting in the shade for Jim to be done so they can get to work.
Headed for the water.
Raphael and Jim making some last minute adjustments.
Into the water.
View from the cockpit at anchor.
First sunset anchored in Puerto Escondido.
We'll be staying here in Puerto Escondido for a few more days to finish up re-installing and putting things away and then we are heading out to the islands to explore some of the places we missed last spring. The water is warm (in the 80's) and clear so snorkeling should be awesome. We will home-base out of PE for most of November before we head south and over to the mainland. 
We can get wifi in PE, otherwise sailmail will be the only way to reach us (text only).