Sunday, April 20, 2014

Isla San Francisco to Puerto Escondido

If you would like to see where these places are you can click on our Sailblogs link and then on the map. This is a much better map than the yotreps map link.
On April 10 we said our goodbyes to the Anna crew and headed north to Puerto Los Gatos. Amazingly the anchorage was empty. We anchored in the south lobe and we had the whole bay to ourselves until the next afternoon when two other boats came in to anchor.
Great beachcombing, fishing, and snorkeling. 
Water was clear and warm (76)
Looking north from the southernmost beach
Looking south from the southernmost beach
(Can you see me climbing around on the rocks?)
Sunrise in Puerto Los Gatos
Sunrise in Puerto Los Gatos
The colors of the cliffs and mountains are gorgeous.
Next stop Agua Verde - one of our favorite anchorages. 
We stayed in the north lobe for awhile and then
 moved to the south lobe when the wind was changing to a southerly.

Lots of new baby goats this time!
We were able to get eggs, tomatoes, avacados, apples, lettuce
and tortillas so we are good to go for awhile.
The first afternoon we were there the Semana Santa
(Easter Week) campers started arriving.

By the time we left all the beaches in the bay
 were set up with "family camps".
It was great!

Tom and Liz on SV Feel Free taught us how to do fish prints
 while we were both anchored there.

We took the Feel Free pledge to "Catch, Print, Eat"!
This is a dorado print that Tom and Liz had done earlier.

This is our finished product with a little doctoring help from Liz.
From Agua Verde we motored 18 miles up to Candeleros Bay 
so we could get wifi from the hotel here in the bay. 
Villa del Palmar is an all inclusive hotel out in the middle of nowhere.
Fishing around the corner from Candeleros Bay.

Our next stop will be Puerto Escondido to get fuel and do laundry. 
Apparently Pedro's restaurant and store are closed so the wifi will be sketchy at best
 - hence so many blog posts all at once.
From there we will go up as far as San Juanico before
heading south again to cross over to Mazatlan.
We probably won't have wifi for another month so there
 will likely be another blog post marathon then:)
I will, however, make position reports and
Sailblogs posts (text only) through the SSB Radio so check the
Sailblogs link at the top right corner of this page occasionally.


and since Simon is going to be four months old tomorrow I thought I would share some new pictures.......

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Punta de Mita through Isla San Francisco

The green triangles are boats with AIS (Automatic Identification System)
It was busy out there - mostly cargo ships in the shipping lanes.
Our crossing from Punta de Mita turned out to be about 60 hours. We had some good sailing and motor sailing with flat seas until about the last 10 hours when it turned into washing machine conditions.

The first night we had an amazing sunset.
We were very glad to drop the anchor at Muertos at about 9PM on day three.
After a few days at Muertos we headed up toward La Paz and had a great day sailing up Cerralvo Channel and San Lorenzo Channel with spinnaker and then the jib.
A paddleboarder who was camped at the beach in Muertos.
He had a child on board plus a fishing pole!
 Puerto de Balandra was our next stop. We stayed in Balandra for several days waiting to connect with Mike and Kathy and Tom (Chrissy's brother) and Claudette on Anna. The weather  was perfect. The water was as clear as a swimming pool and between 74 and 75 degrees.

Loomba-Loomba is the dot on the horizon -
she was the only boat anchored in the bay.

The public beach in Balandra.
It is an easy 30 minute drive by car from La Paz.

Balandra with Loomba-Loomba in the background.

We met Anna in Caleta Partida  on the north end of Isla Espiritu Santo and
hung out with them for a few days before we both moved up to the north side of Isla San Francisco. From there we headed north and they headed back to La Paz.
Happy Hour on Anna
Heading over to the other side of the Islands.

Tommy and Claudette

The Anna Crew trying to "sail" the dinghy- it was quite windy!

Beach day at the north anchorage at Isla San Francisco
 for Anna and Loomba-Loomba

Sunset view from Anna of Loomba-Loomba
Sunrise view of Anna from Loomba-Loomba
Some photos are from Tom and Claudette.

Friday, April 18, 2014

La Cruz 2014

March 22, 2014

I wrote this on March 22, but had to wait until I had wifi to post it.

La Cruz 2014

We spent over a month in the marina in La Cruz. While there, it took the better part of a week taking care of the charging problem with multiple trips to PV and Bucerias. We also got some other boat projects done.

The first attempt at getting the alternator fixed - at "Chevron" in Bucerias

Dinner at the new restaurant "Tres Palapas" on the beach in La Cruz
 with Bob and Giselle from SV Relax
The Tres Palapas cooks
The last couple of weeks of March the Bay was very busy with the Banderas Bay Regatta, the
San Diego to PV race, the J24 North American Championships, and the Copa Mexico Regata which includes everything from kite surfers and optis to ocean racers.  Two of the boats in the San Diego to PV race were huge trimarans. The fastest one made it in 2 days and 8 hours – averaging 24 knots!

We had Susy and Jake (who stayed in Sayulita) and Kurt and Nancy (who stayed in Bucerias) visit us from home – it was really fun to spend time with them here in Mexico. 

We also rented a car for a week and did a road trip (covered on our last blog post). 

The beach at Sayulita
Susy and Jake on Loomba-Loomba
We went to Old Town PV, Sayulita, our favorite shrimp taco stand in Bucerias, and San Pancho with Kurt and Nancy. They had a car! 
Old Town Puerto Vallarta
Old Town Puerto Vallarta

Shopping with Kurt and Nancy in Bucerias

The FAVORITE shrimp tacos
photo by Kurt

San Pancho

Also while we were in La Cruz, all the Puddle Jumpers were getting geared up to head to the Marquesas.  It was fun to be involved in all the excitement, but made us a little sad we weren’t going – not enough to change our minds, though.

La Cruz hasn’t changed too much since we were last here in March of 2012, but we  do miss Ya Ya’s, the 109,  Ikua, and CafĂ© Huanacaxtle which are all now closed.

We are now in Punta de Mita.  The surf is up and Jim is wishing he had a board. He did borrow a friend’s SUP …… paddle boards may replace our kayaks next season.

Our plan is to head across the Sea of Cortez from Punta de Mita to Ensenada de los Muertos (about 315 miles) when there is a good weather window.