Thursday, May 26, 2016

Baja: Muertos to San Juanico

We were finally able to leave Mazatlan early on May 8th
and had a quick trip up Baja 
(our favorite cruising area in Mexico)
before we crossed back over to San Carlos on the 
 mainland from San Juanico.
Leaving Mazatlan
A really good crossing from Mazatlan to Muertos
We were on a mission to get up north of La Paz
as quickly as we could so we could enjoy
our favorite anchorages before heading back
across the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos where 
we will leave L-L for the summer.
We arrived in Muertos at 5PM on May 9th and
left early the next morning to get to Balandra
to spend the next night.
A fun sail up Cerralvo Channel from Muertos to Balandra
 From Balandra we spent the next day getting to
the San Evaristo anchorage 
(a great little fishing village) where we
spent the next night.

The area from San Evaristo to San Juanico is our favorite.
Look closely and you can see the little fishing village of Nopolo
at the water's edge.

Jim at the helm on our way from Evaristo to Los Gatos......
a calm motor boat ride.
We had perfect conditions at Puerto Los Gatos.
No wind, only two boats, warm and clear water,
and great beachcombing, swimming and paddleboarding.  
Los Gatos anchorage
 Only two problems: I was recovering from an upper 
respiratory infection that I came down with two days
before we left Mazatlan and...........
on Friday the 13th Jim got stung by a stingray in Los Gatos.
It was very scary and painful. Luckily we had
the right antibiotics and pain pills and knew
that we should soak his foot in VERY hot water with
some soy flour powder.  It took 90 minutes of soaking 
for the pain to subside, but it's still swollen and it's
been almost two weeks!
Two days after being stung Jim foot was still very
Next stop was Agua Verde where we spent four nights.

The dark spot in the water is a fish ball that kept moving around
the boat - most of the time it was under the boat.

From Agua Verde we went to Bahia Candeleros for
 the afternoon where we can get wifi on
 the boat from a hotel on shore.
Puerto Escondido was our next stop for one night
to get a few groceries, dump our garbage and
get fuel.
We left P.E. the next morning and headed to the Marquer
anchorage on Isla Carmen where we met our friends 
Jim and Jeanne on Kanga and continued to recover.
Loomba-Loomba and Kanga anchored at Marquer
The next day we headed north to Isla Coronados
 where we spent one night.
Anchored at Isla Coronado
 From Coronados we went north to San Juanico - 
probably our FAVORITE anchorage on the Baja.
When we got there, there was one boat, but they
were not in the little cove we like. They left the 
next morning and we had the entire bay to 
ourselves until later in the day when Gypsy Dream
arrived.  They are from Sooke and we really
enjoyed them.
Full Moon view from the cockpit - San Juanico

San Juanico sunset
Our contribution to the Cruiser's shrine.
We add a year each spring.
We hiked (Jim limped) up and over to the beach at La Ramada.
This is the view of the San Juanico anchorage.
This is La Ramada beach.
We spent three perfect days and two perfect nights in
San Juanico before making the crossing to San Carlos.
It was a pretty good trip. We left at 4PM on May 23rd, 
got some good, comfortable sailing in,
 and arrived in San Carlos at 10AM on May 24th.

We are now in the Marina de-commissioning
Loomba-Loomba before she gets hauled out
to spend the summer on the hard.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


We've been in Mazatlan since March 29th.
We thought we'd be here two weeks for 
Beto and Saul to put a few more coats of varnish on 
and Rafa to fix the leak in the transmission that 
he rebuilt last year.

We've been here for forty days (and forty nights)!

It turns out that one of the major transmission 
parts was compromised by the machine shop
 that Rafa sent it to. We ordered a new part from 
the States and it took over three weeks to get here.
The transmission needed to be rebuilt again
with the new part and then reinstalled and
the shaft aligned. With holidays
and weekend delays, we didn't get 
the transmission back until May 3rd.
Jim re-installed it, got the
shaft re-aligned, the electrolysis problem
solved and tested the transmission at the dock.
We're hoping it's okay because we are heading
out tomorrow at first light to get across
the Sea of Cortez, up Baja and then
over to San Carlos (on the mainland) 
to haul Loomba-Loomba out for the summer.
Haul out date is June 4 and we need at least 
a week to prepare her for summer storage.

While here we put a lot of miles on our bikes,
got a lot of projects done that we never get around to,
went to five movies, 
went to the Juarez Sunday market,
discovered some new restaurants and
went to our old favorites, and attended "safety
meetings" on dock 6 (happy hours aren't 
allowed on the docks).
 A lot of our friends have come and gone.
Some by boat heading north into the Sea of Cortez,
 some up the Baja Pacific coast back to the States, 
one heading across to Hawaii and then up to Seattle,
 and some by plane to
head home.

Here are some photos of life in Mazatlan:
See the spotted eagle ray? It's hard to see because of the reflection.
She hung out around our dock in the marina.
The BEST sunsets happen in Mazatlan.
Loomba-Loomba at the dock in Marina Mazatlan.
Beto and Saul re-did the varnish while we were here.
Semana de la Moto is an annual event in Mazatlan. 
It is always the week after Semana Santa (Easter Week).
It is HUGE - thousands of bikes, quads, and people.
The "Sturgis" of Mexico!

We had never heard of it before so we decided to go
to the parade to check it out:


View of the malecon from the top of the Freeman Hotel.

Belated (and delicious) 18th anniversary dinner at Topolo -
we were traveling on our anniversary.
Fresh salsa being made at the table (Topolo)
There's not too much happening in "Old Town" in the mornings,
but it's a happening place in the evenings!
One of the many restaurants in Old Town -
and it's open for lunch!!!!
 This is the Cinemex movie complex located in the
Gallerias Mall (the newest mall in Mazatlan)
which is near the marina. There are about eight screens.
We went to see The Jungle Book in 4D.
It was amazing!
It was the 2PM show in English and we were
the ONLY people in the theater!
That's Jim waving 
That's me in my 3D glasses.

Loomba-Loomba at Dock 2 (2nd boat from the right)
Jim putting in a new window