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Boatless in San Carlos

Well, it's been almost two weeks that we have not been able to go aboard Loomba-Loomba. We go to the boat yard almost every day to see what progress is being made. Yesterday they actually sprayed the Awlgrip primer! We can't get too excited, though, because there is still more "filling and sanding" (two words I hope I never hear again) and non-skid to apply before they actually spray the top coat - which Domingo said would be done "probably on Saturday" - I've heard that before!
In the mean time the temperatures are cooling down - high 70's/low 80's during the day and low 60's at night - nice not to have the AC on all the time.  Since it's not so hot we've been riding our bikes quite a bit. Every day we usually go for a kayak, bike ride, or beach walk. Unfortunately the water temperature is going down right along with the air temperature so we aren't swimming too much anymore.
Kayaking around San Carlos:
 Biking around San Carlo…

Painting Project: Phase 3

Progress is happening, although it seems at a snails pace.
Domingo is doing a meticulous job, but it's getting harder to be patient.
It's been about a week now that the taping and masking was done and
we have not been able to go below.

The next step is more filling and sanding. Then apply the new non-skid.'s a coat of Awlgrip primer and 4 coats of Awlgrip topcoat. After that it's clean up and re-install.

Painting Project: Phase 2

Step by step painting of the hull:

The hull is now done! Now back to the deck and cabin.

Killing time in Guaymas/San Carlos

Well, looks like we’re going to be here in San Carlos/Guaymas awhile longer. The hull was painted last Thursday, the boot and sheer stripe are going to be painted tomorrow, but the deck and cabin still have quite a bit of prep work left before they will be ready to paint.We’ve been trying to stay busy accomplishing small projects: cleaning up the shaft, strut and propeller, cleaning up the anchors, sanding and varnishing what we can down below (we’ve taken what we can remove back to the condo to do), figuring out the installation of the new windlass, making flags for the South Pacific countries we will be visiting,etc.. We can’t really do much aboard Loomba-Loomba until we can start re-installing everything after the painting is done. We are chomping at the bit! In the mean time we continue to get to know the San Carlos/Guaymas area.
A hike up Nacapule Canyon:


Kayaking on Estero El Soldado:

A drive out to La Manga:

 A visit to the Empalme Sunday Street Market: Most towns have…