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Road Trip 2014: Up to the mountains and down to the lowlands….

We rented a car for a week and headed up into the mountains. Our first stop was the old mining town of San Sebastian – first populated by the Aztecs and then in the 1600’s to the 1930’s by miners. Now the people cultivate corn, cattle, and coffee. On to Mascota for lunch and a visit to their wonderful cultural center and archeology museum.
We planned to spend the night in Talpa de Allende, but as we got closer we saw more and more people headed in the same direction. They were on foot, horseback, motorcycles, bicycles, cars and buses.It dawned on us that this must be the pilgrimage to the Virgin of Talpa Basilica which, according to our Moon handbook, occurs on March 19 and attracts about one million people! Apparently people start their pilgrimage a week or so before the 19th. There were thousands of people, hundreds of horses, buses, cars, motorcycles and bicycles. It was fascinating to see. We could not even get as far as the town plaza so we turned around and headed toward Tequi…

Change of Plans