Thursday, June 19, 2014

San Juanico to Mazatlan

We've been in Mazatlan for ten days now and we're 
getting close to having Loomba-Loomba ready to leave at the dock on her own.
(We've hired a management company to look after her.)

Even the locals are complaining about the heat and humidity
 - apparently the "July" weather arrived in June this year.
We are now staying in a condo so we try to arrive at the marina early
and head back to the condo around 3PM. 

We fly out on June 28th so we are hoping we'll have some time
 to explore the area before we leave.

Here is the blog post for the last few REALLY GREAT weeks in the Sea of Cortez.

5/20/14: We left San Juanico in the fog - (very unusual)

and stopped in Loreto to do some provisioning, 
Puerto Escondido for fuel and water, and 
Candeleros for a day of wifi.

It rained in Candeleros in the morning  - also unusual for May.

The next stop was Agua Verde where we stayed for a week. 
Here we are sailing into the AV anchorage.

We did a few hikes while we were in Agua Verde. 
This one was to some cave paintings:

Up and over a hill, down past this cemetery.........
Along this lagoon............

with cows grazing freely.........
...........all the way down this beach and then a scramble
up to the dark spot on the hill in the background...........
The caves were big..........
....................and here they are.
Another hike was up the hill by the anchorage toward the east:
Loomba-Loomba anchored in the north
anchorage in Agua Verde

The snorkeling was great with clear, warm water.
We were in the water a lot.
Cortez Angel Fish
Sea Snake
Spear Fisherman

We moved on to Los Gatos on 5/30 and
spent 3 nights anchored near the largest reef. 
Air temp 85. Water temp almost 82.
The snorkeling was excellent.

Parrot, Trigger and Surgeon Fish
Beautiful Rock Formations in Puerto Los Gatos
There used to be Purple Hinged Rock Scallops everywhere
in the Sea of Cortez.
Now all you see are piles of shells on the beach.
San Evaristo was our next stop. It is a well protected anchorage
 with a fishing village and salt ponds.

From San Evaristo we headed to Puerto Ballandra
 and on the way we caught this beautiful Dorado!

We spent several days in Balandra 
waiting to see what Hurricane Boris was going
 to do before heading across the Sea of Cortez
 to Mazatlan.
While we were there we ate lots of fish, 
did lots of snorkeling,
 and saw several great sunsets.

We left Balandra on 6/6 thinking we would 
spend the night in Ensenada de Los Muertos, 
but when we got to the end of Cerralvo Channel
 we decided to skip Muertos and head across to Mazatlan.
It was a good and lively crossing. 
We arrived in Maz at 9AM on 6/8.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Power Working in Marina Mazatlan

We are at the dock in Marina Mazatlan getting Loomba-Loomba ready for the summer. It's HOT and MUGGY and it's slow going, but we are making progress. We have a condo reserved for ten days starting on the 18th so we'll have a pool and air conditioning to cool off.

The wifi is not the greatest so I will post our last installment of our season in Mexico when we have a better connection. In the mean time I would like to introduce our new crew member (we picked him up in Sayulita in March).