Tuesday, February 18, 2014

La Paz to La Cruz

We left La Paz on 1/31/14, spent one blustery night in Caleta Lobos - not far from La Paz - and traveled to Ensenada de Los Muertos the next day. It was a great day of sailing. 

We stayed in Los Muertos for three nights just enjoying being at anchor and trying to pick the best weather window for crossing the Sea of Cortez. We were the only boat in the bay until later in the evening when a couple of other boats arrived.
Sunrise in Ensenada de Los Muertos
Some pangeros dumped some fish scraps
 and the frigate birds were all over it.

Leaving Muertos
We motored out several miles to catch some wind - we were successful, 
but along with the wind came steep/close together seas. 

Things settled down the second day when we were approaching Isla Isabela
......we caught a sierra mackerel just off of Isla Isabela -
it was delicious!
We dropped the anchor at 11:30 pm on day three, 
glad that we had a previous track on the GPS. 
It was very busy approaching Mantanchen Bay
 with shrimp boats and pangas (some without lights)
 moving around.
We took the bus from Mantanchen Bay to San Blas.
This is the outside of the central market (just off of the square).
Inside the market - we got everything we needed.
Las Islitas at the north end of Bahia Mantanchen

Ramada Play Hermosa where Barro
serves delicious shrimp empanadas
Sunset in Mantanchen

Water temp:79.8, Air: 80.5
After five nights in Mantanchen Bay we headed to 
Chacala where there is always music being played
 somewhere on the beach. This is the view from our cockpit.

We are now in the La Cruz marina.