Friday, February 27, 2015

Still in Mazatlan........

Yes, we are still here. 

Jim finally got the transmission put back in and the engine alligned on 2/19, but after we ran the engine for a bit he noticed a diesel leak that was not there before. Turns out the engine mechanic had damaged a washer which allowed diesel to leak out the top of the engine when it got warm. Luckily one of the shops over at the haul-out yard had the needed washers and Jim was able to stop the leak. We ran the engine (at the dock) for a couple of hours and everything seemed fine, but when we shifted into reverse or forward the transmission fluid leaked again. One of the seals they put in when they rebuilt the transmission was faulty. Jim had to take out the transmission once again. It was returned yesterday with a new seal and Jim installed it. We are now waiting for the mechanic to come over, check it, and help Jim realign the engine again. We then need to run the engine and test the transmission at the dock before we take it out for a test drive.  

It's a little late to start heading south so,
if all is well we are going to take an inland trip to Durango
 for a few days next week and then head across to Baja
 when weather permits.

We've really enjoyed the town of Mazatlan
 and will definitely come back, 
but we are ready to get some cruising in!

We went to Old Town on Valentine's Day and spotted this Valentine:

Te Amo = I love you

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Parades

The "commercial part" of the first parade
 was scheduled to begin at 5:30, but we 
arrived in the area around 4:00 and it was
 already crowded with sections roped off
for families with chairs, tents, coolers and tables.

All kinds of things were for sale, including 
these stools - we saw hundreds of these 
in use all along the parade route.

Masks and hats for sale 
Wigs were a very hot item

this is one of the hat vendors
It got more and more crowded along the parade route
 as dusk approached

By the time it was dark (for the main parade) it was a body pack,
but a very calm and well behaved crowd.

The second parade was the last event of Carnaval. 
It started a little earlier, was over 
before it got dark, and catered more to families.

A family (or neighborhood?) built this temporary platform complete
 with BBQ and Sanikan

Hats for sale

The parade stopped for awhile and 
everyone got a little bored:

That's when we called it a day and headed back to the boat.
It was all quite a party!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Set Up.......Carnaval 2015

Carnival lasts for five days:
Two nights of fireworks
Two parades
Five nights of food festival
Five nights of music
Five days and nights of partying
Setting up for the first night of fireworks - all along the beach
Food stands everywhere: hot dogs, oysters, tacos, etc.

Guess who is the main sponsor of Carnival???????

There are beer stands everywhere,
and huge blocks of ice .........

and stages with enormous speakers....

and, of course, the banda buses bringing in banda 
bands from all over Mexico

Next post will be the pictures of the two parades.

Friday, February 6, 2015


We are still in Mazatlan. Not by choice, but we are making
 the most of it and enjoying what Mazatlan has to offer
 – which is quite a bit!
Why are we still here? Well……Loomba-Loomba’s
 transmission was leaking oil so Jim took it out 
and had it rebuilt (new seals, new spring plate, etc.). 
When we got it back and he went to put the spring plate
 back on the flywheel one of the bolts broke off in the flywheel.  
The bolt was stuck, but Jim was slow and persistent.  
After four days or so of trying different methods 
he finally got the bolt out. We had to order new bolts
 from a Perkins dealer in Seattle and we are still
 awaiting delivery. If he had not gotten it out he 
would have had to partially dismantle the engine 
to take the flywheel off to get the bolt drilled out
 and then we would have had to hire a 
professional diesel mechanic with special tools
 to balance everything perfectly. Yay Jim!

Beautiful sunsets almost every night - this is the view from our cockpit.

There are several restaurants right in the Marina. 
This is where we watched the Superbowl.

We didn't think we would still be here for Carnaval so 
we went to an exhibit in one of the malls. The exhibit
included several of the past Carnaval Queens' dresses.
This will be the 117th year of the Mazatlan Carnaval.
Apparently it is the third largest Carnaval (Mardi Gras) 
celebration in the world.

This guy was in a shop right by the exhibit. It was a
shop that sold security products.

Here are some street scenes in "Old Town":

There are about a dozen of these giant papier mache
statues around the city for Carnaval.
This one is in the Plaza Machado.

The Municipal Building decorated for Carnaval.

Even the cars are colorful here.
Things get lively in the evening. This is Plaza Machado.

I think we've decided to stay here through Carnaval.
It runs from February 12th through the 17th.
We're still waiting for the bolts and who knows if
we'll be in Mazatlan in February again so
 why not stay and enjoy the party!