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Still in Mazatlan........

Yes, we are still here. 
Jim finally got the transmission put back in and the engine alligned on 2/19, but after we ran the engine for a bit he noticed a diesel leak that was not there before. Turns out the engine mechanic had damaged a washer which allowed diesel to leak out the top of the engine when it got warm. Luckily one of the shops over at the haul-out yard had the needed washers and Jim was able to stop the leak. We ran the engine (at the dock) for a couple of hours and everything seemed fine, but when we shifted into reverse or forward the transmission fluid leaked again. One of the seals they put in when they rebuilt the transmission was faulty. Jim had to take out the transmission once again. It was returned yesterday with a new seal and Jim installed it. We are now waiting for the mechanic to come over, check it, and help Jim realign the engine again. We then need to run the engine and test the transmission at the dock before we take it out for a test drive.  
It's a…

The Parades

The "commercial part" of the first parade  was scheduled to begin at 5:30, but we  arrived in the area around 4:00 and it was  already crowded with sections roped off for families with chairs, tents, coolers and tables.
All kinds of things were for sale, including  these stools - we saw hundreds of these  in use all along the parade route.

The second parade was the last event of Carnaval.  It started a little earlier, was over  before it got dark, and catered more to families.

The Set Up.......Carnaval 2015

Carnival lasts for five days: Two nights of fireworks Two parades Five nights of food festival Five nights of music Five days and nights of partying Food stands everywhere: hot dogs, oysters, tacos, etc.

Guess who is the main sponsor of Carnival???????

There are beer stands everywhere, and huge blocks of ice .........

and stages with enormous speakers....

and, of course, the banda buses bringing in banda  bands from all over Mexico

Next post will be the pictures of the two parades.

The Monigotes..............


We are still in Mazatlan. Not by choice, but we are making  the most of it and enjoying what Mazatlan has to offer  – which is quite a bit! Why are we still here? Well……Loomba-Loomba’s  transmission was leaking oil so Jim took it out  and had it rebuilt (new seals, new spring plate, etc.).  When we got it back and he went to put the spring plate  back on the flywheel one of the bolts broke off in the flywheel.   The bolt was stuck, but Jim was slow and persistent.   After four days or so of trying different methods  he finally got the bolt out. We had to order new bolts  from a Perkins dealer in Seattle and we are still  awaiting delivery. If he had not gotten it out he  would have had to partially dismantle the engine  to take the flywheel off to get the bolt drilled out  and then we would have had to hire a  professional diesel mechanic with special tools  to balance everything perfectly. Yay Jim!

There are several restaurants right in the Marina.  This is where we watched the Super…