Monday, January 9, 2012

La Cruz

We arrived in La Cruz on 12/20/11 and we are still here! We’ve been in the anchorage most of the time, but spent several days at Dock 4 in the marina around Christmas.  There were quite a few families with children and people we knew from last year on Dock 4 so it was quite festive with Christmas music playing and a great potluck on Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning we went to Wildfower (Todd and Virg from San Diego) for potato pancakes, caviar, and champagne.  For Christmas dinner we went to Relax (Bob and Giselle from Victoria) for a full turkey dinner with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberries.  It was all great fun and good food, but we both really missed being with family.
Loomba-Loomba decorated for Christmas
Last year La Cruz had a traditional creche at the town square.
This year they replaced it with this - I guess they are trying to modernize?????
We’ve had to take care of a few things while we are here: visa renewals, national senior discount card, and dermatologist appointments. None of these things are simple or quick, but we are making progress.

Dave (Jim’s brother) arrived on January 1st for a week.  Unfortunately he had to spend a whole morning with us at the immigration office in Bucerias applying for our visa renewals.  On the plus side, he got to go to our favorite shrimp taco stand on the square in Bucerias.
Waiting in Line at Immigration.
Making tortillas for the shrimp tacos at our favorite
 shrimp taco stand in Bucerias.
Waiting for our shrimp tacos.
 We went to Sayulita one day by bus.
The Sayulita Beach.
This is one way to launch a panga!

Waiting for the bus back to La Cruz. 

Another day we went all the way to Boca de Tomatlan 
(on the south shore of Banderas Bay) 
by bus and then a water taxi to Yelapa.
It was interesting to see the south shore by land.
Boca de Tomatlan.
These musicians were also waiting for the water taxi.

Jim and Dave on the panga headed to Yelapa.
Yelapa Bay
There is no road to Yelapa - so no cars. People ride horses, 
use wheelbarrows and there are a few ATVs.
Notice the girl with the bucket on her head.

Waiting for the panga in Yelapa.
 The rest of the time we hung out on the boat, 
swam, and showed Dave 
our favorite spots around La Cruz and Bucerias.
One morning we woke up to a huge helicopter circling over head
and navy boats surrounding the anchorage. They were there all day
stopping and boarding any boat that came or went. A little disconcerting!
We found out later that the governor of Nayarit was in La Cruz.
50 kilo (100 lbs) tuna brought into the local fish market by some
panga fishermen.

The Wednesday Street Market.
We will be here until around the 25th of January.  Tom (Chrissy’s brother) and Claudette are getting married at their friend's B&B in San Blas on the 21st. We will be going to the wedding (Jim is the officiate)  with a side trip to Guadalajara  for a few days.