Thursday, July 3, 2014

Mazatlan and Home..........

We're home. We arrived in Seattle at 10:30 pm June 28 
and spent a few days with Kelsey, RL, and Simon (and Barlow).
We got our phone activated and bought a car and now we are
back on Bainbridge just in time for the 4th of July activities.
We were in Mazatlan for almost three weeks - 
one week on the boat and the rest of the time in a condo.
Our condo would have been a nice bike ride to the marina,
but it was just too hot and humid to ride in the afternoon so we
did the 10 minute bus ride back and forth each day.
We did get into Mazatlan Centro a few times and 
out to Isla Pajaro in the dinghy one day, 
but most of the time was on the boat doing "boat work".
View of "Nuevo" Mazatlan from Isla Pajaro
Dia de La Musica in Mazatlan Centro
Several venues with many performers - an annual event

Checking into the condo
View from our deck

Everything stored in the forepeak -
we couldn't have stayed on board even if we wanted to!

Dodger down below and fans going

Putting up the shade tarp

Loomba-Loomba is alone in a slip designed for two boats
 so we were able to tie off on both sides to keep her away from the dock
So we did the best we could to prepare for a hurricane, but we hope we'll be lucky and nothing will hit Mazatlan this year. Now it's time to spend time with Simon.
Simon in his Mexican soccer uniform!