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Puerto Escondido and San Juanico

I wrote this post on 4/21/14. The day after I wrote it we left for San Juanico/San Basilio where we stayed for almost a month.
Puerto Escondido isn’t what it used to be. It is so sad. Puerto Escondido is one of the most beautiful and protected anchorages in Baja.  The first year we were here it was a going concern.  There were tons of boats in the anchorage (200 were here for Loreto Fest 2011). Pedro’s restaurant was great and his store had almost anything you could need and if he didn’t have it Fernando’s store (about half of a mile up the road) might have it. The moorings were about  eight dollars a night and Fonatur (the government agency that runs the marinas) maintained them,  there was a water taxi a few times a day, the showers worked and had hot water, there was TP in the bathrooms.  It was a gathering place and people stayed awhile.  We hauled out in the nice cement boat yard here the first summer we went home. We really liked it and it was a reasonable price.

Fonatur has be…