Monday, January 16, 2017

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is just north of 
Puerto Vallarta in Banderas Bay.
It is a small village with a large marina.
This is where we left Loomba-Loomba
when we flew home for Christmas for
three weeks.
If any of you are heading to the Puerto
Vallarta area it is a nice alternative to the
busy and touristy areas of Banderas Bay.
A typical day in La Cruz:
Dona Maria is a fixture around the marina.
She collects aluminum cans that everyone
sets aside near the trash for her. She's been
doing this for at least the seven years we've
been coming here.

This is Guido's Italian Deli Sandwich booth at the La Cruz
Sunday Market. Jim's favorite!

The local ice cream shop on the main square.

The creepiest and most unique boat on our dock.
We've never seen anyone on it.

View of the marina from the town side.
 A walk through town:
Heading up Langosta (the main street) from the marina.
Restaurants on the right, main square on the left.

A Huanacaxtle tree in the main square.

The La Cruz Inn and Restaurant (far side of square)

Christmas and New Year decorations on the square

The Green Turtle Resaurant and Bar

The Cave Restaurant

The night veggie market.
Wednesday at 7PM.
Very fresh produce!

Another street along the square.

The White Whale Restaurant

Walking home.
Loomba-Loomba was almost at the end of this very long dock.
We are leaving Chemala today after spending 
three nights here  and heading for Tenacatita.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas in the Northwest 2016

We were in the Northwest for three weeks.
Our first event was a family gathering at Tom and
Claudette's (Chrissy's brother and sister-in-law)
on Bainbridge Island. A delicious paella.
Hats were required attire.

The Helper

The head cook


        After a few days on Bainbridge we headed to Seattle to
          participate in the Christmas events the kids had planned:

Clam lights in Renton (on Lake Washington:

The last night at the original Old Spaghetti Factory
in Seattle - we had LOTS of family memories at
this restaurant. It is now closed:(

Pacific Place in downtown Seattle where it snows
inside every night at 6PM.

An evening on the "Polar Express"
(Mount Rainier RR)

Here comes Santa!
Christmas Eve at the Heyers:

Spinach Lasagna

Musical and Light up ties for all the boys!

Christmas Morning after presents...........
We went back to Bainbridge the day after
 Christmas and by the next morning I was really sick with 
a fever of 103.  Jim and Drew took me to our
local clinic and I was diagnosed with type a influenza.
Bedrest, plenty of liquids, and tylenol were prescribed.
Unfortunately, we had volunteered to take care of
Simon so Kelsey and RL could have an overnight 
get away.  So.......we went back to Heyers and Jim and 
Drew handled the babysitting duties with direction from
me on the couch:)
Everyone survived and no one else got the flu.

While Drew was there he managed to
fix my computer that I thought I had accidentally 
erased the hard drive on. Yeah Drew!

We flew back to PV on January third. Both of us were still 
pretty sick - Jim with a cold, me still recovering from
the flu, but we weren't contagious by that time.
We made it back to the boat, slept most of the next two
days and nights before we began feeling better.

We left La Cruz on January 12th after cleaning the boat, 
getting the laundry done, filling up with water, filling up with fuel, 
provisioning, hitting some new restaurants, 
going to a great music show at Octopus' garden, 
and getting together with friends.

We are now anchored in Bahia Chemala - about 
a one hundred mile trip south from La Cruz.

Next stop: Tenacatita