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La Cruz (March 2012)

La Cruz March 2012 3/27/12
We are still here because (besides the fact that we simply like La Cruz) we watched all the preparations for a huge welcoming party for a tourist convention that  took place in a big dirt lot next to the marina (where a hotel will eventually be built.) and we wanted to  see the finished product.

Tianguis Turistico was a HUGE deal. Most of it taking place in PV, but the welcoming party was right here at the marina. About 6500 people from the tourist industry attended. It’s amazing how the whole area from PV to Sayulita was transformed. The medians between La Cruz and PV were all planted with palm trees, flowers and grass (formerly all dirt). The overpasses were all painted. Everything was really cleaned up.
When we left La Cruz Feb. 2nd they had just begun renovations of the town square and the surrounding streets. Everything was torn up.  Upon our return  on March 16 the town square and street were complete and looking great and they had begun replacing the…

Back in La Cruz

March 16, 2012 Back in La Cruz
Awwwwww………. Unlimited hot water with great water pressure in a large, clean, tiled shower stall. The first REAL shower since we left La Cruz on Feb 2nd!
When we aren’t in a marina we hang the sun shower bag off of the stern of the boat, jump in the water, soap up with some soap that works well in salt water, and then rinse off with the shower bag. If the water is below 72 we just do the full shower in the cockpit with the sun shower.

Some other things we like about being in a marina: 1.We don’t have to wear quick-dry clothing every time we go someplace because we can just walk down the dock – no pounding through the chop in the dinghy and getting sprayed with salt water, no surf landings where you run the risk of breaking waves flooding the dinghy both coming and going from the beach. 2.We don’t have to have everything in a dry bag and/or zip lock bags “just in case”. 3.We can have hot water on the boat without running the engine.  4.We can “plug in” s…

Barra de Navidad

We arrived in Barra de Navidad (25 miles north of Bahia Santiago) on February 25th and we’re still here! Barra was one of our favorites last year and we are not disappointed this year. It is a unique place situated between a beautiful ocean beach and a huge lagoon.  The anchorage is in the lagoon. We anchor in 8’ of water. Most of the time the lagoon is like a mill pond except for a regular afternoon breeze which usually dies down about sunset.  It’s been nice to have flat calm quiet nights with NO movement – like anchoring up in the PNW! 
There are a lot of good restaurants (some with fast wifi) and shops in Barra, but it’s not as “touristy” as most of the bigger towns and the prices are very reasonable. There are quite a few tiendas to stock up on fresh food, several lavenderias, a great beauty salon where we both got really good haircuts for 45 pesos each (3.50), a good mercury outboard mechanic, a great butcher shop and a great fish market.
Every morning the French Baker comes by…