Thursday, May 9, 2013

Puerto Escondido and Isla Carmen

Los Candeleros (where we get wifi on the boat) is at the bottom of the map.
Puerto Escondido is just west of the northern tip of Isla Danzante.
Loreto is on the mainland Baja just south of Isla Coronados.
 We had planned on skipping Loretofest (in Puerto Escondido) this year, but when we left Candeleros to head to Punta Colorada on the southeast side of Isla Carmen (a north wind was predicted) there was an uncomfortable southern lump rolling in. We turned around, checked out Honeymoon Cove (on Isla Danzante), which was full, and ended up heading into Puerto Escondido.  We were glad we did! We saw a lot of people we hadn’t seen for a long time, hit the swap meet and bought two fishing poles and some fishing tackle, attended the chili cook-off, and volunteered to work at the food booth.  While in P.E. we also topped off our diesel, gasoline and water,  and did a little provisioning at Pedro’s store.

Heading into Puerto Escondido- all set up for Loretofest.

Jim manning the food booth.

Sunrise in Puerto Escondido.

When we left P.E Loretofest wasn’t over yet and we were in search of a quiet anchorage to have all to ourselves. We were successful. We spent two nights in Bahia Marquer on the west side of Isla Carmen where we had a quiet two days swimming, fishing and beach exploring.  Then to the SE side of Isla Carmen where we spent three nights in the anchorage at Punta Colorada. Lots of reefs and secluded beaches to explore.  We even spotted one of the elusive big horned sheep! The water is warming up – getting up to 76 in the afternoons. Great for swimming, but not warm enough to do much snorkeling without a wetsuit.

Bahia Marquer on the southwest side of Isla Carmen.
The Punta Colorada anchorage on the southeast side of Isla Carmen.
Once Loretofest was over the radio traffic picked up and the anchorages close to P.E  started getting crowded. We wanted to head further up the southeast side of  Isla Carmen, but northeast winds were predicted for the rest of the week so we decided to head back to Candeleros for a day to do some internet. That’s where we are now. This evening we are heading into Puerto Escondido to do laundry and make a run to Loreto for some supplies. We will be heading north (slowly) in a few days.

There may not be a blog post for quite awhile. I’m not sure when we’ll have wifi again.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

La Paz to Puerto Escondido 2013

We left La Paz on 4/16 and anchored in the hook of Isla San Francisco where we stayed for three nights waiting for the wind to turn around to a south wind. When it did, we had a great sail up to San Evaristo and then the next day to Punta Blanca where we had not been before. It's fun to discover anchorages that are off the beaten path. 
Punta Blanca
The  next day we headed to San Telmo one of our favorite discoveries from last year. 
This is the point at Punta San Telmo.
Great snorkeling, beach walking, lots of birds..........
....and beautiful sandstone rock formations.

 After two great days at San Telmo we headed to Agua Verde - another of our favorite anchorages where we've spent quite a bit of time. This time we spent six days in perfect conditions.

View from the cockpit anchored in the north anchorage in Agua Verde.
Walking into town - Agua Verde.
There are lots of goats in Agua Verde. The goat cheese is great.

Fishing was fun, but we were skunked!

Cruiser social hour at the beach.
We are in Candeleros now where we get free internet on the boat from the hotel on shore.
We are heading over to Isla Carmen this morning where we'll spend a couple of weeks.