Friday, October 19, 2012

About Guaymas/San Carlos

We are staying in San Carlos which is between Guaymas (where Loomba-Loomba is)
 and Marina Real where we will be after we launch.
Bahia Algodones is the big bay to the left. Marina Real is in the little
bite at the bottom of this Bay. Guaymas is to the right off of Highway 17

Guaymas is located in the Sonora Desert approximately 242 miles from the US border
  due south of Tucson and Nogales. It is basically an industrial and shrimp fishing port
 with a population of 135,000.
Guaymas was officially founded by Spanish colonists in 1769 so there is quite a bit of history here. 
It is not a real tourist destination, although they do have a cruise ship terminal.  There is also a
Wallmart, McDonalds, Burger King and Little Ceasars.
Palacio Municipal de Guaymas

Guaymas Bay
Guaymas Bay is not known for it's beaches, but San Carlos, just north of Guaymas, has become a major expat and tourist town with plenty of great beaches, marina slips, condos and very high end homes owned both by Mexicans and gringos. It's a fairly easy drive from the US border and Tucson which makes it appealing for an inexpensive vacation or a second home.
Algodones Beach
San Carlos and Marina San Carlos

Tecalai Beach

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Painting Project:Part One

The gel-coat on Loomba-Loomba had a lot of imprfections, mostly on the cabin and deck surfaces.  Lots of hairline surface cracks, a few large spiderweb-like cracks through non-skid areas.  Domingo is fixing it all.  Some very meticulous work here! With a dremel tool, he digs out the bad spots, then uses an epoxy filler, then sands smooth.  This requires a lot of patience, and a lot of close inspection in the right light conditions.  

You can see in the pictures that some substantial areas of non-skid have been completely ground off.  Here he will epoxy down matching sheets of non-skid fabricated out of fiberglass with the raised 3/16” squares molded in gel-coat.  The non-skid areas will be Awlgripped in a slightly different color than the smooth areas, and it will be applied with a roller to achieve a thicker film.  Everything else gets sprayed.
First coat is a high build primer, requiring sanding.  This helps to better fill minor surface imperfections, and also helps to stabilize the gel-coat.  On top of the high build primer goes the Awlgrip epoxy primer, then the topcoat Awlgrip. 
Fisheries Supply, with Awlrip’s instruction and specs, mixed a custom blue, for the boot and sheer stripes.  This will undoubtedly become a very popular color.  Awlgrip named it Loomba Blue.  Hull, deck, and cabin are ‘Off-White Revisited’.  Non skid will be a shade darker by adding a little black pigment.  It’s a daunting job.  We’re thankful Domingo has such attention to detail.
Meanwhile, the boat is an atrocious mess.  Everything had to be stripped off the boat, and it is all down below, stuffed in every available space.  Consequently it is hard for us to get to anything, or to make much headway with our own projects.  Chrissy is working on re-varnishing high traffic areas in the galley.  Jim removed the old windlass and is creeping along toward installing the new one.  We also have a third solar panel to install, and a storm trysail track to put on the mast.  We’ve managed to bring a few little projects here to the rented condo and are puttering away at getting something accomplished, IN AN AIR CONDITIONED SPACE!
We forgot to take down our Mexican flag before we left -
it took a beating!
The whisker pole and the dodger take up most
of the space in the main cabin.
Sails and windvane take up the forward cabin.
Jerry jugs and fenders take up the head.
Hurricane Paul went by the other day, out on the West coast of Baja.  We were fine…temps actually dropped down into the 70’s, and we had several days of intermittent rain.  We hope everyone on the East side of the Baja Peninsula faired OK.  We heard Puerto Escondido survived with 50 knots of wind, but some docks were damaged in Santa Rosalia.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Driving from BI to Guaymas/San Carlos

After leaving Bainbridge our first stop was Eugene, Oregon (6 hours) where we had a very nice relaxed visit with Chrissy's sister, Gretchen, for a few days.  It's always fun to catch up, see her friends that we've gotten to know, hear about her glass fusing business,
 and see her new creations. Unfortunately I wasn't into picture taking mode yet so I didn't get ANY pictures of our time in Eugene.

Next stop was San Francisco (9 hours) where it was cold and foggy when we arrived, but miraculously turned warm and sunny the next day! We stayed with Jim's brother, Dave, who lives in the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. We were able to park the overloaded Jeep in Dave's garage and the three of us tooled around in Dave's Yaris. We made a trip to Turlock to celebrate Dave's birthday with his daughter's family, did some of the "touristy" things, did some errands, took care of some paperwork and phone calls and Chrissy's good friend, Bethie, and her husband, John, drove up from Palo Alto to spend a day with us. The city of SF was gearing up for the World Cup Races, Fleet Week, the Blue Angels, the Giants playoffs, the 49ers playoffs, a big Oracle Exposition, a big jazz festival in Golden Gate Park, and a Columbus Day parade. Quite exciting, but we planned our escape at 5am to beat the SF morning traffic and the LA afternoon traffic and it worked!
Dave's Birthday with grandchildren: Maya, Keean and Alleah
We came across a bicycle rally in Golden Gate Park.
Apparently clothes were optional.
Dinner with John and Bethie (middle/high school friend of Chrissy's).
A great little Italian restaurant in Dave's neighborhood of Glen Park.
We arrived at Drew's new American Apparel Distribution Center 8 hours later which is NE of LA in La Mirada.  This has been Drew's focus since getting on board with American Apparel about 2 years ago. It's been an amazing undertaking and it's scheduled to be up and running after the first of the year.
As Director of Distribution he has done an amazing job. We are very proud of him!
Drew at his desk at his new office in the Distribution Center.

We loved this giant map in the employee common area.
We had a longer visit with Drew than we had planned because we found out from Domingo that he was about a week behind in the painting prep. We decided we would much rather spend the time with Drew in LA than to wait in Guaymas for Domingo to be done before we could start putting Loomba-Loomba back together. We parked the Jeep in Drew's garage and used one of Drew's cars. 
It was a fun visit. We had a few good dinners out, spent time at Drew's, took Jane and Kate to the dog beach, had some relaxing down time, had a great evening and dinner with Donna and Ann (Ross) who are old family friends and both live near Drew. It's always such a treat to see them because we have so many common memories of our families together.
Sunset view from Drew's condo balcony in Belmont Shore in Long Beach.

Chrissy with Donna and Ann - the "Ross Girls" - lifelong family friends
whose mother was Chrissy's mother's best friend from grade school to forever. 
We left LA on the 10th of October and drove (10 hours) to Tucson. We left Tucson early the next morning, had an uneventful border crossing, and arrived 8 hours later in San Carlos.
It was a huge relief to breeze through the border because if we had had to unload and reload everything in the Jeep we would have been there all day. When we got to our condo we unloaded the car and it was about 7" higher!