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Puerto Escondido to San Carlos 2017

We left Puerto Escondido on May 9th after spending two days waiting out some unpredictable and changeable winds. We headed north towards Isla Coronados. The winds were out of the northeast (unusual) and we were doing so well sailing we decided to sail right past Coronados and go all the way to San Juanico (one of our all time favorite anchorages).

The slow cold front moving down from the north brought cooler temperatures (low 70’s during the day and low 60’s at night) and also cooler water (a chilly69 to 72) when we first arrived in SJ.We had some windy and cold days in SJ, but also some “perfect days” and the water did start warming up to 75 in the afternoons. By the time we left San Juanico the water was finally up to 78 and the air was up into the 80’s. We met some great new people, saw old friends, hiked most of the trails, swam, beachcombed, got some boat chores done, relaxed, and made a good dent in the food that needs to be eaten before we head to the states.

Mazatlan to Puerto Escondido: Friends, Whale Sharks, Big Horn Sheep, Spinner Dolphins, and Deserted Beaches

Gorgeous sunrise on the way across