Sunday, January 20, 2013

Third time's the charm.......

When we left for Palm Springs Domingo was in the process of removing the paint that he had painted on the non-skid (right before it rained). He promised he would only work on Loomba-Loomba and have her all painted by the time we got back. We got back on 1/2/13and he had hardly done anything. The day after our return he re-painted some of the non skid. It looked awful - totally unacceptable -LAST STRAW. We fired him.
The unacceptable non-skid - 2nd try.
Francisco, Domingo's dad, finished the job for what we still owed Domingo for a finished, acceptable job. He totally ground off all the non-skid again, starting from scratch with a different type of non-skid. 
A very good and quick job. Francisco is the painter we first approached last spring, but he was too busy and recommended Domingo. We should have just waited for Francisco - hind sight!
The new non-skid (3rd and final try) & deck paint.

Francisco and his wife work together.

Anyway, after the most frustrating 4 months of our lives, we have a good paint job, we can get back on the boat and start getting our own projects done, we're not grumpy anymore, and we have control of our lives again!

This is our little casita where we've been living since we returned from Palm Springs.
We will stay here until Loomba-Loomba is habitable.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year

Christmas Break 2012
We drove from San Carlos to Palm Springs where we met Drew, Kelsey and RL. It was wonderful to spend time with the kids. We did some hiking, sightseeing, shopping, lots of eating, and just hanging out. 
Hiking in Joshua Tree National Park.

Hiking in Indian Canyon near Palm Springs.

View from the top of the Tram in Palm Springs.
Photo booth at the American Apparel Christmas Party in L.A.
San Xavier Mission just south of Tucson.
Tucson County Court House.
Saguaro National Park.
Missile Silo at the Titan Missile Museum south of Tucson.
Titan Missile Warhead (Deactivated).
Rules for the teachers at the Tubac, AZ school in 1872.
We are now back in San Carlos. Loomba-Loomba is still in the boat yard in Guaymas. Next post will be an update of the "painting project from hell".