Thursday, December 20, 2012

We're Not In Guaymas.............

but Loomba-Loomba is.  We're in Palm Springs for Christmas. Kelsey and RL fly in tonight. Drew is coming and going from L.A. because his Distribution Center for American Apparel is almost ready to open and he's pretty busy. It's so nice to have a change of scene and we're so looking forward to spending time with the kids.
The painting project from hell is still not done. Last Friday the final step was to paint (roll) the non-skid. Unfortunately Domingo decided to go ahead and paint even though there was a chance of rain. It DID rain and the rain ruined the paint. When we left Guaymas the following Sunday Domingo was in the process of removing the ruined paint. So now he has to remove the paint, sand, mask, paint primer, paint the top coat, and clean up everything. 
Before we left our San Carlos condo we moved everything into a storage unit. When we get back after Christmas we'll have to rent the condo again until we can get into the boat and install everything that is stored below. Then we'll live on Loomba-Loomba in the boat yard while we get her ready to splash.
Unfortunately, because of this delay we have decided to postpone our departure across the Pacific until next year (March 2014). Disappointing, but the upside is we will have one more season in Mexico!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spotted Around the Guaymas Area

Something a little different from the usual taco cart: A sushi cart!
We spotted this on a side street in Guaymas on the way from
San Carlos to the boat yard in Guaymas. It doesn't look like it's been
operational for awhile.
On our way to the boat yard one morning there was a caravan of trucks
transporting these huge tanks through a "suburb" of Guaymas.
There were several crews of linemen from the local utility who would disconnect the
overhead wires ahead of the caravan and then circle around behind to re-connect
after the caravan passed. No traffic control in sight.
This was on the screen of a computer for sale at Sam's Club in Guaymas.
We happened onto the "Grand Opening" of the
first Home Depot in Guaymas.
Christmas trees for sale at............
Home Depot
And Santa Fe Market in San Carlos.

Another unique food cart (seen at the Empalme Sunday Market).
Also available at the Empalme Market:
"Fresh?" honey.

Churros - these really ARE fresh.
And candy.
Talk about candy! This  is a HUGE pinata store in Guaymas.
All the shelves in the store were filled with candy to put in the pinatas.
This is just ONE of the aisles.
Last, but not least........a mobile plant nursery.