Sunday, October 24, 2010

Santa Cruz to Long Beach

We left Santa Cruz on Saturday, October 16 at 10:00am. As we crossed Monterey Bay we saw a large pod of humpback whales that were breaching and putting on quite a show. It was a real thrill! I tried to take pictures, but didn't get a very good one.
Humpback whale breaching in Monterey Bay

We did our first overnight sail that night. We passed Morro Rock early in the morning.

Passing Morro Rock in the morning.
As the day progressed the weather deteriorated and we pulled into San Luis Obispo Harbor around 1pm in the midst of a thunder/lightening/rain storm. 
Heading toward San Luis Obispo

We ended up waiting three days for the storm to pass.  Here are two views from our cockpit.

We left San Luis Obispo at 7:30am on October 20th. Our plan was to round Pt. Conception and anchor in Cojo Anchorage just past Pt. Conception before dark, however when we pulled into Cojo the wind looked like it was changing to SW and there were two sailboats on the beach up by the cliffs that must have been blown ashore in a south wind in the not too distant past. We decided to head out and do another overnighter to Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard.  We arrived in Oxnard at 8:30 am on October 21st.
A Meadowlark hitched a ride with us out of San Luis Obispo - first on the backstay and then on a spreader until he finally flew away (two or three miles out)
Between Santa Cruz and Point Conception we saw lots of groups of Ocean Sunfish floating on the surface flapping their fins. It looked like they were waving at us.
Rounding Pt. Conception. The "Cape Horn of the Pacific".
The moon going down and daylight breaking off of Santa Barbara.

The Radar and GPS screen as we approach Long Beach. The green triangles are AIS markers for registered ships.... there were so many........a little daunting!

Whew! We made it into Alamitos Bay Marina at 4:30 and Drew came and met us at 5:30.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Alameda to Santa Cruz

10/6/10: Left the dock in Alameda and headed under the new Bay Bridge construction and into Clipper Cove on Treasure Island along with Paul Allen’s new boat ‘Octopus’ where we spent our first night at anchor.
Leaving Fortman Marina in Alameda

Paul Allen's 'boat' Octopus
On to Sausalito the next day. Cruised by Angel Island and as we were leaving Ayala Cove the Blue Angels flew over the hill above us.  Anchored in Sausalito for two nights (waiting for the south wind to change back to a northwesterly) and watched the Blue Angels and a bunch of other planes practice for the air show over S.F. for Fleet Week.

Blue Angels practicing over Angel Island for Fleet Week
Anchored in Sausalito

10/9/10: Left Sausalito and under the Golden Gate at 8:15. Clear skies and light NW wind which steadily increased as the day progressed.  Great sail………Chrissy’s first ocean leg!

Heading out of the Bay

Arrived in Half Moon Bay 1:00 pm. 

Anchored in Half Moon Bay

Awoke to pea soup fog and when it didn’t look any better by 9:15 we decided to leave anyway.  AIS and radar saved the day.

Leaving Half Moon Bay

Light wind and lumpy seas until 11:30 when the wind started picking up and became a steady 32 knots. Fog finally cleared around 4PM. Arrived in Santa Cruz about 7:30pm as the sun was setting .

Arrived in Santa Cruz as the sun was setting

Our friends, Joel and Judy, came down to the dock with a warm dinner, keys to the showers, our new water heater that we had sent to their house, and Joel’s truck to use while we’re here!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Day in the Life of Alameda

John and Bethie came to visit us twice and brought fresh tomatoes from their garden!

New solar Panels

Loomba-Loomba at the dock in Fortman Marina

                             Fortman Marina is right behind this old packing plant.

One of the owners of a great Barbecue on Webster Street
There are lots of Victorian and Craftsman homes all over Alameda on tree lined streets with bike lanes. These are a few that we ride by on our bikes on the way to Paganos Hardware Store.