Friday, April 27, 2012

La Paz to Puerto Escondido

We left La Paz on 4/13 and met Anna at Play Bonanza on Isla Espiritu Santo
 – about 20 miles from La Paz.

Mike and Brian stopped by for a beer.
They were very comfortable in Mikes bean bag chairs.

Shelling on Playa Bonanza.

The following morning we took off early and had a great sail all the way up to San Evaristo where we waited out a northerly for 4 days.  It’s a nice protected anchorage, but it was cold – air temp got down to 59 in the morning and water was 68.  

Sailing from Bonanza to San Evaristo.
It was cold!

Our route to San Evaristo.

View from the cockpit - San Evaristo.

One morning it was calm enough to head across to Punta Salinas
 on Isla San Jose (4 miles) for a day trip.

The abandoned salt ponds at Punta Salinas.

Anchored off of Punta Salinas.
On 4/18 we made an early morning departure and motored to Punta San Telmo – 47 miles.  It was like someone had turned the switch – no wind, no clouds, warm air and water temp was rising. We absolutely loved San Telmo. We were the only boat there. The snorkeling was great, good beachcombing, perfect weather and warm and clear water (got up to 76 while we were there), plus the view was awesome-AND Chrissy caught her first yellowtail while trolling in the dinghy!
Beautiful red sandstone and white sand beaches in San Telmo.

Loomba-Loomba anchored off of Punta San Telmo.

On the morning of 4/21 another southerly came up so we decided to head 17 miles north to Agua Verde which was one of our favorite Sea of Cortez anchorages last year.  It was good sailing and we anchored in the southerly cove about mid-day. The weather was perfect, and the water was clear and warm.  We spent three days just hanging out, swimming, fishing, beachcombing and snorkeling.  Perfect.
We slept in the cockpit two nights while we were there to watch the forcasted meteor showers.  There was no moon so the stars and Milky Way were gorgeous, but the meteor shower was disappointing.

Loomba-Loomba anchored in Agua Verde.

Another southerly came up the morning of 4/24 so we sailed north again. This time 17 miles to Candeleros Bay.  There is a big hotel here that lets cruisers use their facilities and we can get wifi on the boat.  It’s only 7 miles from Puerto Escondido so if the weather stays settled we’ll stay here until we need to head into PE to get the car started and the boat cleaned up before we drive down to La Paz to pick up Kelsey and RL who will be joining us for about 9 days.

Sailing from Agua Verde to Candeleros.

We got a bonito on the way.

Anchored in Candeleros.

We knew we loved the Sea of Cortez in April, May and June, but this year is even better than last.  There are fewer boats, the water is warmer and clearer than it was at this time last year, we are more relaxed, and we are moving more slowly and spending more time in the places we really like.  We are excited to have Kelsey and RL join us for awhile to see what it’s all about!

Friday, April 13, 2012

La Cruz through La Paz

We left La Cruz on March 29, had a pleasant night anchored at Punta de Mita, and left for San Blas at 6:30am. It was a great day of sailing – hard on the wind and then close reaching in flat seas – doing 6-7 knots in 12-15 knots of wind.
These two boobies were hanging around the boat for about an hour.

We arrived in Mantanchen Bay (by San Blas) about 4:30 PM where there was a major swell rolling in and the surfers were in heaven (when the surf is up the break is about a mile long – apparently it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest surf break) . Jim borrowed a board from Wildflower and actually caught  some waves and then we surfed a few in the dinghy!

 Surfing the waves in the dinghy (hard to tell the size from these pictures and movie)

We spent two nights in Mantanchen Bay and left for Mazatlan at 7:30 am on April 1st. It is an overnight passage. We had some great sailing until about 11:30 pm when we had to turn the engine on. The rest of the way was quite rolly and uncomfortable from the large short period swell. We anchored in the old harbor in Mazatlan at about 9am on April 2nd.  This was our first time anchoring here. The harbor buzzes with activity from ferries, water taxis, tour boats, sport fishing boats, etc.. It was quite entertaining.

We left Mazatlan the morning of April 3rd thinking we would get into Bahia Los Muertos on the Baja side early in the morning of April 4th  (under good conditions it would be a 32 hour trip). Instead, we arrived at 12:30 am on April 5th and it took us 40.5 hours. It was a very uncomfortable trip with steep waves/close waves,  1.5 knot current against us for much of the way,  wind against seas, seas coming from two different directions, etc. – not dangerous, just slow and uncomfortable. The best thing about the trip was the full moon – it was beautiful and made it easy to anchor in Muertos in the dark.
Loomba-Loomba Hobby Horsing Across the Sea of Cortez


Sunset the first night.

Ed from Sand Piper and Todd from Wildflower
Virg from Wildflower and Annette from Sand Piper

Celebrating our arrival in Muertos with Wildfower and Sand Piper.
View from the Muertos Restaurant
Semana Santa Week at Muertos - the whole beach looked like this.
Every kind of camping gear and water toy you could imagine - even a couple of bands!
Huge families with multiple generations.
We left Muertos at 6:15 am on April 6th headed for La Paz where we arrived at 2:30 pm. It was a calm motor boat ride all the way to La Paz with the current with us.

La Paz, like La Cruz, is one of our favorite towns. Good restaurants, provisioning and bike riding. Since we’ve been here several times I won’t repeat the usual tourist photos – just a few random shots:
The Shack Burger
"The Shack" Restaraunt in La Paz - we were there at the end of November too!
Our favorite shrimp taco stand in La Paz.
A drive-through beer store.
We have purchased pottery here.
Limon or Mango?

We will be leaving La Paz in the next few days and slowly heading north in the Sea of Cortez to Puerto Escondido where Kelsey and RL will join us.