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At the dock in Alameda

Loomba-Loomba and Anna sailed under the Golden Gate side by side Saturday, 8/7/10.  There was a regatta going on at the St. Francis Yacht Club so there was "no room at the Inn". Anna headed to SF and Loomba-Loomba headed to Alameda to our reserved slip at Fortman Marina. Dave was there on the dock to catch their lines.  Anna followed later in the day and then Drew arrived from Long Beach. Needless to say it turned into quite a party - which continued on Sunday with visits from Rusty and Melissa Morrison and Don Schramm (Tom's friends) and Sheri Mackey's parents who live in Alameda.

Charlie flew home Saturday evening. Tom and Anna crew flew home Sunday afternoon. Joe and Drew flew out Sunday evening.  Kathy Jackson arrived Sunday to join Mike on Anna. Jim is getting Loomba-Loomba cleaned up and squared away to leave her for a month and he's heading home Wednesday.

Dave and Jim Saturday morning shortly after arrival.

Celebrating with Don Schramm, Tom, Joe, Jim, Drew,…

San Francisco Bay

Anna and Loomba-Loomba sailed under the Golden Gate together.


Just heard from Jim. They are off of Mendocino and hope to arrive in S.F. tomorrow morning. Winds definitely picked up, weather is foggy and cold. Loomba-Loomba is performing very well and the crew is well rested and happy.

Cape Blanco.....headed to California

August 4th and cell phone coverage.
Jim wearing his Dad's WWII Army Sweater.

Newport, Oregon

Loomba-Loomba and Anna pulled into Newport, OR about noon today to get fuel. Weather was good and better wind is predicted so their plan was to head back out and continue south this afternoon.

All is well off of the Columbia.

Heard from Jim about 6PM. They were about 10 miles out off of the mouth of the Columbia. Weather is pretty benign. They have had to motor quite a bit so they will be heading into Newport, OR for fuel tomorrow.  They're having a great time!

Dall's Porpoise swimming in the bow.

Down The Coast

Loomba-Loomba left Neah Bay about 1PM on Sunday 8/1/10 with Jim, Tom and Charlie on board. Anna left at the same time with Joe, Mike, Jim and Jeff aboard. Weather looked good. I'll post updates and pictures when I get them.

Left Port Madison 7/27/10

5:45 AM The moon was going down and the sun was coming up. A beautiful morning!

A bit foggy when we left Port Townsend the next day (but the radar/GPS/AIS all worked perfectly).