Sunday, December 1, 2013

Going Home

La Paz: We spent a week in La Paz. We were able to get two more batteries that match the ones we bought in Loreto and they actually delivered them right to the boat at Marina Palmira. We LOVE La Paz.  You can get almost anything you need here. Boat services and supplies are readily available, there are big supermarkets and good produce stands, good dentists and doctors, really nice restaurants, great little inexpensive taco stands, and everything in between. It’s also possible to ride bikes almost anywhere you need to go, or you can walk, and taxis are abundant and inexpensive. We LOVE La Paz. There is a very large boating community here so there are always people we know and someone always can tell you where to find something you need.  We LOVE La Paz. It’s within hours or a day or two away from lots of little islands and good anchorages. There are several large marinas here so it’s a good place to leave your boat while you fly/drive home – which is what we are doing now.
Loomba-Loomba is all buttoned up and we have friends checking the dock lines, etc..

Getting to the Car in San Carlos:
There were a few options:
1.     A cab to Pichilingue, a ferry to Topolobampo, a bus to Guaymas, and a cab to San Carlos. (depending on the ferry/bus schedule this might require a stay in a hotel one night)
2.     A cab to the bus in La Paz, a bus to Santa Rosalia, a ferry to Guaymas and a cab to San Carlos. (this would also require a hotel in Santa Rosalia)
3.     A cab to the La Paz airport, a plane to Guaymas, a cab to San Carlos.

We chose #3, which was about the same cost overall, but involved much less time.
We rode our bikes way out to the Aero Calafia office and bought two tickets for November 30th .

So we caught a cab to the airport at 6:15 am, checked in at 6:45, got on the plane at 7:30 and we took off at 7:40 – 10 minutes early.  We flew right over some of the anchorages we have come to know so well and it was fun to see them from the air. 

Aero Calafia 12 Passenger Prop Plane

Leaving La Paz

Isla San Francisco with San Evaristo and Baja in the Background

Getting close to Guaymas

Going in for a landing

Almost there

We arrived in Guaymas 9:10 (about 20 minutes early), got a ride to San Carlos with one of the other passengers on the plane, got dropped off at the car, took the cover off, re-connected the batteries, got gas, a quick taco for breakfast and we were on the road at 10:45 headed for Tucson.

As I write this we are on the I-10 headed to Long Beach to visit Drew for a couple of nights before heading north to SF to visit Dave (Jim’s brother) and then Eugene to visit Gretchen (Chrissy’s sister) before arriving home.  Of course, if Simon decides to make his arrival early our plans will change.