Sunday, September 16, 2012

Summer on Bainbridge Island

Our summer on Bainbridge was not quite what we anticipated.  We had some fun dinners with friends and family, trips to Wenatchee to visit  our old friends Maggie and Roy –always a great change of scene, a trip to Darrington to participate in the Summer Meltdown Festival, some evenings in Seattle with Kelsey and friends to hear RL play at various venues and to partake in the great happy hours in the city, and trips to Fisheries Supply and Seattle Marine. Other than that we spent much of our time getting our house and yard back to the shape it was in when we left two years ago. We’ve hired a property manager and a gardener. New tenants are in and we’re hoping for the best.  Our anticipated camping/backpacking adventures never quite happened and we are leaving for Mexico again in about 10 days!

While home we decided that we both really want to cross the Pacific so we will be leaving Mexico in March and heading west.  Sad to leave Mexico because we love it, but we figured if we want to head to the South Pacific we better do it now or we may end up not doing it.  So, needless to say, we’ve been accumulating quite a bit of new equipment, info, charts and books. Once again we will have a car load when we drive back down to Guaymas: sixteen gallons of paint, 2 new sails, parachute anchor, fenders, hardware, new lines, wifi booster antenna, new windlass, another solar panel, the cockpit table that Jim rebuilt, and various household items and food we can’t get in Mexico.

When we get to Guaymas Domingo should have Loomba-Loomba all prepped for painting.  We will be renting a house or apartment in San Carlos for a month which will make it much easier to get Loomba-Loomba put back together after Domingo is done painting. We are hoping to get to La Paz in November. There is some stainless work and canvas work we want to get done and that’s a good place for that. Also a good place to leave the boat for Christmas when we meet the kids in Palm Springs.

Here are a few photos of our summer in the Pacific Northwest. 

This is our studio apartment above the garage. Small, but cozy.

4th of July with family on Hood Canal.
Dinner anchored in Port Madison on Tom's (Chrissy's brother) Panga. 
A visit with Maggie and Roy at their "Big Red Ranch" in Wenatchee.
We picked tons of cherries at their neighbors and they were delicious.
A Coast Guard escort for the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge.

A trip to the Summer Meltdown Music Festival in Darrington.This festival was started 12 years ago by the band that our son-in-law plays with. It has grown over the years and this year they had over 3,000 people attend. It's actually a four day event, but we only attended Thursday (the calm night) The venue is gorgeous.
Setting up the stage for the first night's show.
RL's band had a beer named after them.
Wall to wall tents......
and campers......

and fancy honey buckets!

Some of Kelsey and RL's friends.
 This is the re-launch party at our yacht club for Saga (a 6 meter) after a two year re-fit.

After getting her teaching certificate last year Kelsey landed a job -
no small feat for a new teacher in this economy.
This is her classroom.

Dinner with Kelsey and RL in the "WTD" (white trash driveway) - a term Drew coined
when we first moved into the garage two years ago.
That about sums up our summer. We are getting excited to get back to Loomba-Loomba.
We're just finishing up some projects here, taking care of last minute business, saying good-bye to friends and family and trying to figure out how everything we want to take back will fit in the car!
We hope to be on the road by the 26th of September.