Sunday, November 8, 2015

San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

We are about ready to head across to Baja
 - now we're waiting for a weather window.
We spent about a week at Hotel Los Jitos
while we worked on Loomba-Loomba.
We've been at the dock since we launched
on October 23rd. 
The biggest glich this year was a worn
out starter motor. We had to order one,
have it sent to Drew in Phoenix, and then
drive up to get it. It's now installed and
Here are a few pictures of our time
in San Carlos (which included a couple of 
trips to Guaymas).
Nice view from the work yard
View from the cockpit in the workyard
Prop work done and bottom painted.
Ready to Splash!
Almost floating.......
A Saguaro cactus growing on a roof!
These are VERY slow growing so this must have started
years ago. There are also a bunch of baby saguaro
that you can't see in this picture. The conditions
on this roof must be ideal for the Saguaro:)
Getting our propane bottles filled at a drive up propane station
in Guaymas
Two of the "lovely" Christmas displays
available for purchase at Home Depot
in Guaymas
Lunch stop at Pescaditos for Chile Relleno/Marlin/Shrimp Tacos
I just got the Chile Relleno/Shrimp Taco (no Marlin)
Ley's is one of the big grocery stores in Mexico.
This Ley's car was parked right outside of Walmart.
Were they shopping??????
Views from the cockpit at the dock in San Carlos Marina
A tight squeeze