Tuesday, November 29, 2016

San Carlos to Mazatlan

We were ready to go on November 7th and left 
Bahia San Carlos at 12:30 in the afternoon.
After one of the best sails we have had crossing the Sea
we had to slow down so we wouldn't get into
San Juanico until dawn!
A great way to start the cruising season.
Only a few boats in the anchorage, warm water (81) and very
 clear water and air, fun get togethers with the
other boats, and good snorkeling.

After a hike over to La Ramada it was
haircut time before going for a swim.
Next stop: Isla Coronados
View from the cockpit at Isla Coronados.
After one night we moved on to Puerto Escondido.
We were anxious to get there because after we 
launched Jim discovered that the sea cock for the
incoming water to the head was broken and only the
hand pump lever was keeping the water out of the 
boat. We wanted to get it fixed before leaving
Loomba-Loomba in La Cruz when we head to 
Sailing from Isla Coronados to Puerto Escondido.
Lots has changed in Puerto Escondido. It is no longer
a government facility. The new owners are very efficient
and they are cleaning everything up. No one knows the
real scoop, but we are all hoping for the best.
Unfortunately, Carol's Mini Mart will be closing
as of December 15th because they just couldn't make
it through the summer. 
It was Saturday=Carnitas Taco Day at Carol's Mini Mart.
Good to see friends Connie, Elvin and Steve.

Excellent Carnitas Tacos with all the fixings.
Before Jim actually took the old sea cock 
off we went to talk to Javier, the new operations
manager and travel lift operator. He said to call 
him and let him know the measurements for the 
distance between the straps for our boat. He would
 stand by and be on call if Jim's plan of changing
 the sea cock in the water didn't work out
as planned. Fortunately the plan worked. 
Jim had carved a wood plug to fit the through hull,
dove down and hammered it in. He then slowly
and carefully broke the sea cock threads loose and
was able to unscrew it from the through hull
without loosening the through hull. The new
sea cock was screwed on and plug removed
and we were in business without an emergency
haul-out. Yay Jim, and thanks, Javier for 
being our back up. PE was the perfect place
to attempt this.
Super Moon rising over Puerto Escondido.
After a few days in Puerto Escondido we 
headed further south to Agua Verde.
This is the perfect time to be in the
Sea of Cortez. The water and air are still
warm and clear and there are very few 
boats around.
Sunrise in Agua Verde.

Snorkeling out at Roca Solitaria (Agua Verde).

Heading south again:
Ensenada de las Ballenas
We stopped here for lunch and a snorkle (thanks for the tip, Steve).
If you look closely you can see Loomba-Loomba in the middle of
the picture. Good snorkeling, sea caves and awe inspiring surroundings.

Snorkeling Ensenada de las Ballenas.
We were the ONLY boat in Los Gatos
though there was a kayak camp all set
up and waiting for the kayaks to arrive
Quite a fancy operation!
Kayak camp set up in Puerto Los Gatos.

Anchored in Puerto Los Gatos.

The Super Moon low tide in Los Gatos.

Beachcombing in Los Gatos.

View from the Cockpit - Los Gatos.

Sailing from Los Gatos to Isla San Francisco.

Friends enjoying the beach on Isla San Francisco.

Sunset - Isla San Francisco.

Enjoying a meal at one of the restaurants in
Ensenada de los Muertos while we waited
four days for a good weather window to cross
the Sea of Cortez over to Mazatlan.

Loomba-Loomba anchored in Los Muertos.

Waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to come out of the oven.

Not like home, but it tasted pretty good!

View of Bahia de los Muertos from the hill above the restaurant.
This is where the fishermen all launch their pangas in the morning.
Sunrise the morning we left Muertos.
We had another great crossing over to Mazatlan.
Comfortable and fast. 
We found this little guy on deck in the morning - poor guy must
have been upset - lots of ink also.
We saw a huge pod of spinner dolphins in the distance and
about thirty of them came over to swim with us for the
longest time. We have a good video, but it's too long
for the blog.
I made some bread before we left Muertos and this is what
was left when we got to Mazatlan.

We arrived on November 27th and we will 
be here for a week or so.