Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Position Reports for awhile

We had a major computer glitch – an accidental dousing of margarita on the keyboard. As a result our main computer with the ability to communicate with the single side-band radio is out of commission. So I can’t make the yotreps position reports until we get another computer with Windows 7 capabilities (our MacBook won’t  handle it) – hopefully in La Cruz/PV. This leg is all backtracking anyway.

We are now heading  north to meet Kathy and Mike Jackson and Tom (Chrissy’s brother) and Claudette in La Cruz on March 4th. They will be on Anna for two weeks.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Las Hadas (Manzanillo area)

After leaving Barra de Navidad we spent two nights in Ensenada de Carrizal on our way to Las Hadas. It was a beautiful uninhabited bay surrounded by cliffs. It reminded us of some of the anchorages in the San Juans and BC.  There were only 3 boats – Anna, Moshulu, and Loomba-Loomba. The best snorkeling we’ve had yet. Lots of different kinds of coral and reef fish.
Heading into Ensenada de Carrizal

Valentines Day dinghy raft up and snorkeling  in Carrizal with Anna
(photo by Joe Upton)
We arrived in Las Hadas around noon on 2/15. This is as far south as we will go this year. When we leave Las Hadas we will be heading north. Las Hadas means Fairies – it is a truly magical place. 

For 100 pesos (about $8.50) per day we dinghy into the resort and have access to all the amenities. There is a fantastic pool and beautiful beach, a restaurant above the anchorage with wifi so we have wifi on the boat.
Happy Hour with free wifi
View of Loomba-Loomba from the restaurant
 We took the bus into Manzanillo one day to re-provision. It is a very large commercial port and not a cruise ship port. There is a great public market and many little mom and pop shops in the heart of the city. In the suburbs between Manzanillo and Las Hadas there are most of the big box stores, chain stores, and fast food restaurants (including Dairy Queen and Starbucks).
Sculpture of a sailfish on the waterfront in Manzanillo
We are leaving Las Hadas today to head north to Santiago Bay for a few nights.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Barra de Navidad

We loved Barra de Navidad and stayed for a week. We are really enjoying getting to know the little towns along our route. 
Sunrise - anchored in the Barra de Navidad Lagoon
Dinghy landing at the Sands Hotel - buy a beer at the bar
and you can use their pool and internet!
Street side of the Sands Hotel
Our favorite internet cafe. Casa de mi Abuela.
Our favorite tienda
You need to take your own egg container if you want the eggs
 to make it back to the boat without being scrambled.

Veracruz - main street in Barra
Looking out toward the lagoon from the Sands Hotel

Saturday night there was a Mexican Rodeo (bull riding) in Cihuatlan which is a 20 minute bus ride inland from Barra. We went with a group and had a fun afternoon and evening.

Leaving Barra de Navidad Lagoon - 2/13/11

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We left Chemala with Anna on 2/2/11 headed for Tenacatita.  On the way we headed into Paraiso to take a look. It was beautiful, but the swell was way too big to be a comfortable anchorage.
Heading into Paraiso (photo by Joe Upton on Anna)

Navigating  here is a little more difficult than it is at home.  The GPS charts and the paper charts are inaccurate so we have to go by waypoints (which often show up on land on the chartplotter), radar and visuals. 

Tenacatita is a beautiful big bay with a great walking/swimming beach, a river to dinghy up (complete with crocs). There used to be the village of Tenacatita in the next beautiful bay at the end of the river trip, but there was a land dispute last year and the village ended up getting bulldozed and a resort is going to go in. Very sad to see.  The video is of the resident dolphins in Tenacatita.

We took taxis with both the Anna crew and the Journey crew to La Manzanilla one day, which is  across the bay from Tenacatita.  Since we had all been wifi deprived for awhile we all took our computers. We took up a large portion of La Risa internet cafĂ©!
Chrissy and Jim at one table, Joe and ML(Anna) at another, Kathy and Mike(Anna)
 and Jeff and Dori (Journey) at another.

Friday night there is a weekly dinghy happy hour raft up. There were approximately 25 boats in the bay that night and most everyone joined the raft up.
One section of the Friday night raft up.
We left Tenacatita at 10am on 2/7/11 and arrived in Barra de Navidad at 12:30 – a nice short hop.
Right now we are at La Casa de mi Abuela in Barra de Navidad sitting in the shade of an umbrella just off of the main street eating a cheeseburger!