Friday, April 1, 2016


We arrived here on March 13 and there were two other boats.
Numbers swelled to over 20 as the week (Semana Santa) progressed.
Boats of all shapes and sizes arrived -
both cruising boats and local boats,
jet skiis, wake boards, paddle boards, kayaks,
pangas towing inner tubes and bananas.
The campground on the beach filled up with
tents/camp kitchens/tarps/water toys/and families (many generations).
It was fun watching the numbers grow
 and all the locals enjoying the beach.

The Mexican Navy spent a few nights in the 
Tenacatita anchorage with us and came to
check our paperwork and take pictures. 

The estuary from the Tenacatita Bay anchorage to 
what used to be the town of Tenacatita
 is now cleared so dinghies and Pangas 
can do the 30-45 minute trip.
(Thanks to the local pangeros with help 
from several work parties of cruisers.)
This project was huge because many trees had fallen
 across the passage during hurricane Patricia
 and the mangroves had spread during the five years
 that it was closed by the person who forcibly took over
Tenacatita and bulldozed most of the town.

So we dinghied up the estuary a couple of times and did the
1.5 mile walk from "Tenacatita" to the tienda and
Chico's restaurant in Rebelcito. 
Nice to get fresh veggies from the tienda
and delicious Chile rellenos for lunch!

The town of Tenacatita had hotels, restaurants, RV parks, etc..
Now  (since 2010) all that is left are the remains of the larger
buildings. Hopefully when the court proceedings are concluded
the rightful owners can rebuild.

And, of course, we attended a few dinghy raft ups:

This raft up was for Jim's added bonus was
the impressive sunset!
We left Tenacatita March 26th and had a
 comfortable 30 hour passage (motorsailing)
to Mantanchen Bay (San Blas) where we
spent the night. 
The next morning we left to do the next
20 hour leg of the passage to Mazatlan.
It was Easter Sunday when we arrived in Mantanchen -
huge crowds, battle of the bands on the beach,
and water activity all around us,
but by 6PM the bay was deserted!
Great sunsets (including the green flash), sunrises, and
night skies (Big Dipper and Southern Cross visible)
We arrived in Mazatlan on March 29th where we'll
stay for ten days to two weeks before crossing over
 to Baja.