Sunday, April 9, 2017


View from the top of the Funicular in Guanajuato

We left Mazatlan on March 21 and met 
my brother, Tom and sister-in-law, Claudette
 in Guadalajara.
On the way to the bus to Guadalajara

We had all been to Guadalajara before so 
we headed to San Miguel after two nights in GDL.

Our hotel in central Guadalajara

(four nights)

One day we climbed the stairway to
El Chorro:

There is a great Carnitas place at the top of the stairs-
a nice reward - carnitas tacos and fresh squeezed OJ
Back to Centro:
Every evening there is a street parade

Shopping for a bedspread.....

.....and a purse

a great breakfast spot: Cafe de Parroquia

Waiting for the bus to Guanajuato...the best way
to safely carry your hat collection
(5 nights)
Our B&B was at the top of the Funicular

Waiting for breakfast to be served. This is one of the
many common areas at Casa Zuniga.

We chose to walk down in the morning and
ride up the Funicular in the evening.
This is the path/stairway down to "The Jardin".

One of the many tunnels in Guanajuato

Tom and I celebrated our birthday at breakfast.....
compliments of the owner.

View from our deck at Casa Zuniga
(2 nights)
Shopping and Eating!

Every time we walked by this ice cream store there was
a long line - it must have been REALLY good ice cream!

Waiting for our overnight bus to Mazatlan
Tom and Claudette stayed with us on the boat
 in Marina Mazatlan for
two nights before flying over to La Paz.

A dinghy ride up the canals from Marina Maz:

An evening trip to Old Town:

This young man asked to interview us
for an english school assignment.
 We are now re-grouping in Mazatlan and will
be heading across the Sea of Cortez on April 12th
or 13th, weather permitting.