Thursday, December 20, 2012

We're Not In Guaymas.............

but Loomba-Loomba is.  We're in Palm Springs for Christmas. Kelsey and RL fly in tonight. Drew is coming and going from L.A. because his Distribution Center for American Apparel is almost ready to open and he's pretty busy. It's so nice to have a change of scene and we're so looking forward to spending time with the kids.
The painting project from hell is still not done. Last Friday the final step was to paint (roll) the non-skid. Unfortunately Domingo decided to go ahead and paint even though there was a chance of rain. It DID rain and the rain ruined the paint. When we left Guaymas the following Sunday Domingo was in the process of removing the ruined paint. So now he has to remove the paint, sand, mask, paint primer, paint the top coat, and clean up everything. 
Before we left our San Carlos condo we moved everything into a storage unit. When we get back after Christmas we'll have to rent the condo again until we can get into the boat and install everything that is stored below. Then we'll live on Loomba-Loomba in the boat yard while we get her ready to splash.
Unfortunately, because of this delay we have decided to postpone our departure across the Pacific until next year (March 2014). Disappointing, but the upside is we will have one more season in Mexico!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Spotted Around the Guaymas Area

Something a little different from the usual taco cart: A sushi cart!
We spotted this on a side street in Guaymas on the way from
San Carlos to the boat yard in Guaymas. It doesn't look like it's been
operational for awhile.
On our way to the boat yard one morning there was a caravan of trucks
transporting these huge tanks through a "suburb" of Guaymas.
There were several crews of linemen from the local utility who would disconnect the
overhead wires ahead of the caravan and then circle around behind to re-connect
after the caravan passed. No traffic control in sight.
This was on the screen of a computer for sale at Sam's Club in Guaymas.
We happened onto the "Grand Opening" of the
first Home Depot in Guaymas.
Christmas trees for sale at............
Home Depot
And Santa Fe Market in San Carlos.

Another unique food cart (seen at the Empalme Sunday Market).
Also available at the Empalme Market:
"Fresh?" honey.

Churros - these really ARE fresh.
And candy.
Talk about candy! This  is a HUGE pinata store in Guaymas.
All the shelves in the store were filled with candy to put in the pinatas.
This is just ONE of the aisles.
Last, but not least........a mobile plant nursery.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boatless in San Carlos

Well, it's been almost two weeks that we have not been able to go aboard Loomba-Loomba. We go to the boat yard almost every day to see what progress is being made. Yesterday they actually sprayed the Awlgrip primer! We can't get too excited, though, because there is still more "filling and sanding" (two words I hope I never hear again) and non-skid to apply before they actually spray the top coat - which Domingo said would be done "probably on Saturday" - I've heard that before!

In the mean time the temperatures are cooling down - high 70's/low 80's during the day and low 60's at night - nice not to have the AC on all the time.  Since it's not so hot we've been riding our bikes quite a bit. Every day we usually go for a kayak, bike ride, or beach walk. Unfortunately the water temperature is going down right along with the air temperature so we aren't swimming too much anymore.

Kayaking around San Carlos:

 Biking around San Carlos.

We know San Carlos and Guaymas better than we ever wanted to. We have all the Happy Hours and food specials figured out:

Monday - $1 chile rellenos at Panchito Villa
Tuesday - $1 tacos and 10 peso beer at Tortuga
Wednesday - 2 for 1 burgers or salads and 10 peso beer at Marina Cantina
Friday through Monday - 15 peso beer and delicious wood fired pizza at Club de Capitanes
There's more, but you get the picture. 
(We do cook at the condo, too.)

For Thanksgiving we went to a potluck in the boat yard. It was quite a spread. Two people actually cooked turkeys, there were mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, cranberries and lots of salads and desserts. It's a nice group of people who are all working on their boats and getting ready to launch. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Painting Project: Phase 3

Progress is happening, although it seems at a snails pace.
Domingo is doing a meticulous job, but it's getting harder to be patient.
It's been about a week now that the taping and masking was done and
we have not been able to go below.
Almost done digging out the cracks. Here they are doing more filler and sanding.

Then they taped and masked.

Then they sprayed a coat of high-build primer.

Now they paint on this green putty stuff that highlights any imperfections.
This is what Loomba-Loomba looked like yesterday (Thanksgiving).

The next step is more filling and sanding. Then apply the new non-skid.'s a coat of Awlgrip primer and 4 coats of Awlgrip topcoat.
After that it's clean up and re-install.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Painting Project: Phase 2

Step by step painting of the hull:

Sanding and filling.

High build primer, plus sanding and filling.

One coat Awlgrip primer and 4 coats Awlgrip topcoat.

Taping for the bootstrip and sheer stripe.

Boot stripe and sheer stripe painted.

Adding the name and hailing port.
(done by Jim and Chrissy)
Domingo and crew taking a lunch break.
The hull is now done!
Now back to the deck and cabin.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Killing time in Guaymas/San Carlos

Well, looks like we’re going to be here in San Carlos/Guaymas awhile longer. The hull was painted last Thursday, the boot and sheer stripe are going to be painted tomorrow, but the deck and cabin still have quite a bit of prep work left before they will be ready to paint.  We’ve been trying to stay busy accomplishing small projects: cleaning up the shaft, strut and propeller, cleaning up the anchors, sanding and varnishing what we can down below (we’ve taken what we can remove back to the condo to do), figuring out the installation of the new windlass, making flags for the South Pacific countries we will be visiting,  etc.. We can’t really do much aboard Loomba-Loomba until we can start re-installing everything after the painting is done. We are chomping at the bit!
 In the mean time we continue to get to know the San Carlos/Guaymas area.

A hike up Nacapule Canyon:

Can you find the lizard?


Kayaking on Estero El Soldado:

A drive out to La Manga:

 A visit to the Empalme Sunday Street Market:
Most towns have a market one day a week where you can find anything you need. Empalme is one of the bigger ones: from food, toys, and clothes to computers, tools and furniture.

Kayaking in Bahia Algodones and stopping in at the Soggy Peso for lunch and a beer:

 The dark areas in the water were millions of little fish. 
The pelicans were having a feeding frenzy.