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Summer Check List Almost Complete............

..........almost time to start heading south!
Bainbridge/Seattle Summer 
(Partial) Check List:
Clean and do repairs on the Frey Rd. House  before new tenant moves in. ✔

House/Dog/Plant Sit for two weeks while kids
go to Ireland.✔

A week long camping trip with the kids in
South Central Washington.✔

Sell one of our Wenatchee rental houses. ✔

Cut back/clean up yards of Bainbridge houses -
10 pick-up loads to yard waste facility. ✔

The wait for the Hurricane Newton damage report.

Hurricane Newton hit the Guaymas/San Carlos area on September 6, 2016.  It wasn't until September 8th that we got word from the office at Marina San Carlos that Loomba-Loomba was not on a "damaged list". It was a very long two days of waiting to find this out. During that time we shared lots of communications and photos with many of our friends who's boats are also on the hard in San Carlos. The pictures below were circulating before we knew the status of L-L. Gut wrenching. So sad for those whose boats went down.
We won't know for sure if L-L came through unscathed until we see her in person,  but we are hoping for the best.
This is San Carlos where L-L is stored. Approximately 20-30 boats went down.

This is Marina Fonatur Guaymas The dock and six boats were pretty much destroyed.

We are planning to be in San Carlos about the middle of October and will post an update then.