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Baja Anchorages................

Central Baja is our favorite cruising area in
Mexico. We were lucky enough to
have many anchorages to ourselves this season!

Candeleros Chico:

Pyramid Cove, Isla Danzante:

There were LOTS of pelicans diving on the HUGE
sardine "bait ball".  
The local fishermen were also after the sardines.....
their survival rate must be pretty small.

Punta Colorada, Isla Carmen:
We were anchored here with our friend, Steve,
on Pacific. A resident pod of dolphins came by
in the mornings.

A Big-Horn Sheep (There is a heard on Isla Carmen)

Bahia Marquer, Isla Carmen:

San Juanico:
We were alone for one day.

San Juanico now has rules, the beginning of a fence, and
garbage cans!!??!!
We hiked over the hill to La Ramada anchorage on the other side of
the point. 
It was empty .......... so we took a dip (skinny:)

The farm up the road didn't have much in the way of produce,
but they did have excellent goat cheese and basil.
After our day alone we were joined by two other mono-hull boats
 and then the multi-hull rally decended upon us - 14 boats! 
They were a fun and friendly group.
We joined them on the beach for a
hot dog/potluck dinner.
From San Juanico we headed north to Bahia Concepción.
This is Bahia Santo Domingo at the southern end of the entrance
to Bahia Concepción.
Loomba-Loomba anchored at Posada Concepción

Looking south toward the Posada Concepción community 

We had a few meals at Armando's on the beach at Playa Santispac

Our friends from Kashmira who we met in Long Beach on our
way to Mexico eight years ago. It was great to catch up with them.
When the prediction was for strong southerlies we moved down to
Playa Santa Barbara
Nice water temp......86.2

and nice sunsets... 

Heading back out to Santo Domingo to wait
for a good weather window to cross over to San Carlos

Grilled arracherra and vegetables and our last bottle of wine....
a perfect end to the season.

Sunset at Santo Domingo
Loomba-Loomba along with two other boats waiting to cross
the Sea of Cortez to San Carlos.


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